contract management

Transform the Way You Manage Contracts

Seamlessly manage contracts from generation and negotiation to execution and storing. SpringCM provides full visibility into contracts, NDAs, MSAs, or any legal document. Increase efficiency and control and reduce risk during audit time.

 Contract Status Monitoring

Review and approve documents faster with change tracking, version control, activity alerts, automated workflows and reports.

 Robust Search

Find specific clauses, contracts or groups of documents with ease by searching a word, phrase or customizable metadata tag.

 Advanced Security

Safeguard data, enforce confidentiality and meet compliance and regulatory requirements with Federal-grade security.

 Pre-approved Document Templates

Streamline sales in your organization by giving users the tools to act more independently, reduce the risk of error and ensure that everyone accesses the most updated documents.

“SpringCM has enabled me to be extremely service-oriented with my team — at a low cost. I’m working faster and more collaboratively.”

Alyson Barker

General Counsel


“All solutions are going to have some basic workflow, storage, and visibility. The way in which it’s delivered is what’s important to us, and the competition couldn’t live up to SpringCM.”

Julie Honor

Vice President, Counsel

Do More with SpringCM

Our configurable and scalable platform is the foundation on which you can build your technology strategy for managing documents.

  • Create a single, central repository and automatically route documents, faxes and email attachments to it.
  • Automate new files, including the creation of files that are pre-populated with best practices documents.
  • Easily and effectively enforce policies around confidentiality and security.
  • Find the documents you need so your organization is always prepared for a compliance audit.
  • Enable document users to be more independent when creating, locating and storing documents.

SpringCM Interface

See SpringCM in Action

Watch our detailed product demo of how SpringCM can help manage contracts in Salesforce.

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