SpringCM for IT teams

Bring Order to Your Documents

We provide a highly-secure, cloud-based platform for document creation, collaboration and storage. Our platform is scalable and easily integrated with your ERP, CRM, time, billing and other line-of-business systems.

 Advanced Security

Safeguard data and meet compliance and regulatory requirements with Federal-grade security.

 Audit Trails

Eliminate version control challenges with automatic tracking of each action taken on every document by every user.

 User Access Controls

Provide secure access to select documents with fully customizable controls.

 Robust Search

Find any document by searching for a keyword, phrase or custom tag that you’ve created.

 Device Management

Remotely wipe devices and control users’ access to SpringCM applications on particular devices.

 Responsive Design

Access every document and full functionality from any device, anywhere.

“SThree operates in a competitive and fast-paced industry. Choosing SpringCM to streamline contract operations offers SThree a new level of speed-to-market over other staffing organizations.”

Lance Fisher

Lance Fisher

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“Scalability was the #1 thing we were looking for in a solution - it had to be able to grow with us. SpringCM gives us that assurance.”

Moneil Patel Headshot

Moneil Patel

Senior Director Business Operations

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“Before SpringCM I would have to wait up to a week to receive a copy of a contract - sometimes having to go to the vendor and ask for a copy. It was frustrating and time-consuming. Now using a simple search term I can have the needed document, and any related documents, returned in seconds.”

Bjorn Pave

Bjorn Pave

Director of IT

What Else Can You Do with SpringCM?

Our configurable and scalable platform is the foundation on which you can build your technology strategy for managing documents.

  • Create a single, central repository and automatically route documents, faxes and email attachments to it.
  • Automate new files, including the creation of files that are pre-populated with best practices documents.
  • Easily and effectively enforce policies around confidentiality and security.
  • Find the documents you need so your organization is always prepared for a compliance audit.
  • Enable document users to be more independent when creating, locating and storing documents.

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SpringCM for Enterprise IT

We’re the only content cloud that meets stringent enterprise IT requirements—while giving users apps they love and companies the business results they need.

SpringCM can help you:

  • Eliminate content silos
  • Take the paper off the floor
  • Keep your users in the corporate fold
  • Embrace the mobile revolution
  • Drive big business outcomes

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