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Quick Return on Investment

Revolutionize the way your organization manages billing, accounting and audits. Now you can easily retrieve the most recent copy of any invoice or the right version of a contract with a secure, cloud-based platform.

 Automated Workflows

Configure workflows to manage tasks like invoicing or paying on accounts.

 Seamless Integration

Integrate SpringCM with ERP, Salesforce CRM, billing and other line-of-business systems to save time and effort.

 Robust Search

Locate documents by keyword, phrase or custom tag that you’ve created.

 Advanced Security

Safeguard data and meet compliance and regulatory requirements with security that meets the strict standards required for Federal governments projects.

 Status Monitoring 

Real-time status for contracts and documents, plus in-depth reporting tools to help you stay on top of both the day-to-day and the big picture.

 Secure Collaboration

Provide clients, partners and vendors a link to securely access, edit or sign any document, reducing paper and email attachments.

“Becoming cloud-based makes Sunwest Bank more innovative, which gives us a competitive advantage in our industry. SpringCM is constantly tweaking the product to make it better, and I’m glad that we as a bank made the decision to choose SpringCM and move in this direction.”

Keone Mihlbauer

Keone Mihlbauer
Banking Systems Manager

What Else Can You Do with SpringCM?

Work smarter with our configurable, scalable platform. 

  •  Provide clients, partners and vendors a link to securely access, edit or sign any document, reducing paper and email attachments.

  • Always have access to the most up-to-date version of any contract or document whether it’s signed, stored or somewhere in between.

  • Track contract, document and reporting activity from your smartphone.

  • Provide secure access to select documents with fully customizable controls.

SpringCM interface

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