Contract Workflow Automation

    Move Your Contracts Through Approvals Automatically

    SpringCM's contract automation software speeds up much of the contract process so your sales teams can spend more time doing what they do best - selling. Using the Rules Engine and our Advanced Workflow Process Designer, we can help you set up a unique automatic pathway that will take your contracts from generation to revenue faster than ever.

    Greater Visibility for Greater Productivity

    For easy-to-implement automating actions that require little to no training, Smart Rules are the best choice. They can be used to automate anything that’s based on a specific contract or folder action. For example, any repetitive task (such as moving a contract from a Pending to an Approved folder after it’s approved) can easily be automated with a Smart Rule.


    Advanced Workflows

    Build a complex contract workflow from a set of predefined user or system activities to automatically route contracts through the appropriate channels, all the way to revenue and renewal. These advanced workflows are especially useful for the contract generation process, where you can use predefined data to reduce human error, automate distribution for approval, and archive approved versions with minimal user action.

    Pricing Plans Starting at $29/user/month

    Track It is included with Enterprise and available as an add-on for $9/month/user for Professional. Find out which edition is right for your needs.

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