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What is Contract Management?

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Contract management software helps companies add order and efficiency to the contract process which is often cumbersome and slow. It helps better manage contracts throughout their full lifecycle — from contract generation, negotiation, approval, storage and renewal. The best contract management software can help free up time, reduce operating costs and accelerate revenue. Contract software isn't just used by professionals in legal and sales functions, but it's also valuable to anyone within an organization who deal with contracts including IT, Finance, Operations, Procurement and HR professionals to name just a few.

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The Right Contract - The First Time

Don’t get stuck reinventing the wheel with each new contract. Access pre-approved clauses and templates to avoid downstream delays and automatically tag new contracts with metadata to improve searching and reporting. SpringCM integrates with a number of third-party apps such as Salesforce and Microsoft Word to make contract generation faster and more reliable.

With SpringCM you can:

  • Eliminate bottlenecks - Identify where contracts are being held up using in-depth tracking and reporting tools
  • Always be ready for an audit - Reduce your company's exposure to risk and stay compliant automatically with our history and versioning capabilities
  • Manage Documents Effectively - Not only can you generate documents, with the centralized document repository you always have access to detailed history of your contract activity

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