Platform Availability

    Our platform benefits from being built on our own cloud infrastructure platform. We go beyond our customer’s expectations when it comes to availability and performance. SpringCM is also uniquely positioned to establish a disaster recovery restore point automatically and without any external dependencies. No cloud document-centric workflow platform can compare.


    • The SpringCM platform is built on multiple tier, service oriented, and horizontally scalable architectural design fundamentals.
    • Microservices, workflow engines, and other asynchronous processes were the original foundation that our application was built upon.
    • We did this first, rather than building a document storage platform and building these after the fact.
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    Availability and Performance

    • Highly skilled and dedicated teams focused on monitoring the entire stack
    • Best-of-breed monitoring tools for full end user experience and all architectural elements, both hardware and architecture.
    • Custom-engineered tools built to monitor cloud process automation

    Disaster Recovery

    • Data replication is near real-time. Data redundancy exists both locally and across geographies.
    • NIST 800-34 designed and tested recovery framework.
    • Identical hardware & software resides in each geographic location.
    • All mechanisms used to transfer, restore, and load data are routinely tested.
    • Enough geographic separation exists between facilities to provide disaster resiliency, yet close enough to replicate data fast.
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    Our Security Story Continues

    Cloud Leader in Compliance

    We are constantly in risk assessment mode.

    Cloud Platform Security Approach

    Top cloud threats are the priority of our efforts to mitigate.

    Questions About Security?

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    SpringCM Security