The SpringCM platform powers our own vertical solutions, like Contract Management, but also provides the ability to build customized solutions that create powerful user experiences for you and your customers. SpringCM helps people save time, grow revenue, increase productivity, by automating and transforming business processes.

As a standalone platform, SpringCM has built robust APIs to enable us to integrate into our customers' core systems and deliver a single solution for Contract and Document Management, enterprise-wide. While Salesforce is a strategic partner, our core functions are all built to be extensible into ERP and Procure to Pay solutions.

Primary Platform Components

Advanced Workflow

Automate simple and complex business processes to streamline reviews, approvals and other document touchpoints. Keep work flowing.


Quickly locate documents by searching custom tags, keywords or phrases. Save frequently performed searches or configure Advanced Search by specifying the search scope within folder, content properties or attributes.

Document Generation

Create contracts and documents from pre-approved templates. Quickly merge data to create new contracts and agreements, or launch any document to a downstream business process.

Electronic Forms

Replace paper processes with easy-to-use electronic forms. Generate rich, online forms to capture and combine data from users as well as external systems, like Salesforce.


Our REST API enables developers to interact with SpringCM documents, data, and services. Most objects and services available in the SpringCM user interface are supported in the API.

Analytics & Reporting

Data driven insights into your business processes. Custom Reports enable you to generate charts and graphs based on your data in SpringCM related to documents, metadata, user interactions with documents, workflows and more.

Central Repository

SpringCM provides an intuitive folder structure that allows you to organize the documents you store in SpringCM just as you would on your desktop computer, but with the accessibility, scalability and security of a cloud-based platform.

Security and User Management

Security groups and controls allow you to set permissions on the folders and documents to manage access. You can modify the access of each group based on the need to access specific folders or files.

Highly Customizable

Depending on the level of complexity and the desired user experience, you can integrate SpringCM with a third-party application.


Scalability and Performance

Our investment in standards-based security frameworks and implementation of security controls throughout the entire development and production environments process ensures our level of security will exceed that required by our customers.


Leverage the SpringCM Platform

Don’t build a document management solution on your own! Leverage our API.

Accelerate productivity with document management.png

Accelerate productivity with document management.

Built on industry leading technology, SpringCM offers a secure platform designed to automate any document workflow. Powerful capabilities enable businesses to custom how they organize critical documents of all types securely. 

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