Get Order in Your Document Chaos

Do you have trouble finding important documents when you need them? Struggle with keeping track of PDFs, presentations, or marketing collateral as documents move and change?

Automated document management saves time and eliminates frustration locating content of all types, allowing you and your colleagues to be more productive.  

  • Create and store your documents in one central repository to eliminate the time you waste searching for content
  • Collaborate fast with team members both inside and outside of your company
  • Streamline workflows with advanced automation features that ensure document-centric processes run quickly and efficiently

Organizing your documents saves you time.

With thorough document tagging capabilities you have the ability to organize your documents in a way that makes sense for you and your business. Metatags and attributes allow you to group documents by content, while keeping your content in a flexible folder structure.

Document Management Tagging
Document Management History

Work together seamlessly.

Working with internal and external collaborators can be smooth and effortless with features like security level controls on folders and documents, pinpoint comments, and a secure link generator. SpringCM provides version control, that automatically saves each new version of a document as a copy, so you can access the document’s entire history and revert back to any previous version.

Search capabilities with brain power.

Advanced search options let you pull up the exact document you need in record time. You can filter your search by folder or file type, or conduct a universal search of your entire repository. The search function in SpringCM isn’t limited to document titles, either — it will search the body of the document, too, so you can find what you need even if you don’t know its title.

Document Management Search Capabilities
Doc Launcher Preview

A guided approach to document generation.

With SpringCM, you choose to expose the relevant and approved document template automatically when generating documents. This enforces business rules to build the appropriate document and trigger the necessary governance workflows.

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