Salesforce Integration

    SpringCM + Salesforce. Start in Salesforce. Stay in Salesforce.

    The SpringCM integration with Salesforce gives users complete access to all their contracts and documents in SpringCM—directly in Salesforce. As one of Salesforce’s few key Platinum Partners, SpringCM is the best choice for Salesforce users to drive more sales and automate their contracts and documents.

    A Central Repository Directly in Salesforce

    Store, organize and access documents in any Salesforce account, opportunity or case with SpringCM. Our secure central repository gives your teams more in-depth document storage, organization and workflow capabilities than Salesforce Notes and Attachments alone.

    There’s no more wasted time chasing paper or flipping through five different programs - the central repository lets you drag and drop documents from your desktop directly into Salesforce, making all the documents you need visible at the Account or Opportunity.


    CLM & CPQ

    SpringCM allows you to manage, simplify and automate your CPQ process.

    SpringCM and Salesforce CPQ partner to deliver a complete contract solution to accelerate sales cycles in Salesforce. The integrated offering for sales effectiveness and efficiency transforms a broad range of sales-related activities that begin when an opportunity is opened and continues after it closes. Not only do the two solutions accelerate the CPQ and contracts lifecycle but streamline the steps that happen before the quote is generated and after the contract is signed.

    CLM & CPQ


    Deliver the Right Document at the Right Time


    Sales reps who are able to deliver the appropriate sales collateral to prospects based on where they are in the buying process are more successful in closing deals.

    SpringCM is a sales enablement tool that allows your reps to save time spent digging through shared drives, emails and marketing materials to find the right documents. 

    Organize all of your Salesforce content and automatically deliver it to the right person, keeping your prospects moving through the sales funnel.

    Boost Productivity with Contract Management

    Even simple contracts, such as NDAs, can stall the sales process. Eliminate the time spent manually updating, routing for approval and emailing template-based documents by using SpringCM to auto-fill relevant client information directly from Salesforce.

    For more complex documents that require negotiations, SpringCM provides clear versioning and redlining capabilities. SpringCM automatically updates the contracts associated with the Salesforce opportunity, so you don’t have to worry about working from an outdated version. Each new version is saved as a copy, leaving an audit trail of exactly where each document started and where it ended up.

    Rules and workflow automation allow you to trigger events by taking certain actions in Salesforce. The time you’ll save by accomplishing all your tasks directly from Salesforce - without having to switch to email, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc. - will give you hours back in your week.

     “SpringCM has enabled the majority of our contracts to be initiated by our sales team directly in the Salesforce account. Giving them already approved legal options and the workflows for different scenarios has dramatically improved our sales cycle.”

    -Director of Sales Operations, IT industry  

    “SpringCM is fantastic and is by far the most integrated (with Salesforce) content management system that we've found.”

    -Business Systems Analyst, Financial Services Industry

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    Always Know Where Your Contracts Are


    SpringCM lets you easily check the status of any contract. Stop wondering where your contracts are stuck - SpringCM tells you who has it, their assigned task, the date the task was assigned and the date the task is due.

    Need to nudge a contract along? Use SpringCM to send assigned reviewers reminders of pending or overdue tasks with just the click of a mouse. You can even use tracking data to analyze trends in your contract process, including length of review of cycles and average number of participants.

    Collaborate Across Salesforce Users and Non-Users

    SpringCM works just as well outside Salesforce as it does from within, which makes it the perfect way to collaborate between your Salesforce users and non-users. Documents generated or populated within the Salesforce interface can easily be sent out to teams that don’t have Salesforce accounts for further action.

    In addition, departments that don’t have Salesforce accounts (e.g., legal, marketing, etc.) can use SpringCM to push documents to Salesforce. SpringCM is the perfect bridge between your internal teams that need to collaborate but are not all using Salesforce.

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