The contract process involves many steps, which includes sending the contract to internal and external parties for reviews, approvals and signatures. Without a way to regulate and track the path a contract takes fosters an inefficient method to manage and predict what will happen during the duration of a contract cycle. This makes it harder to foresee contract bottlenecks and mitigate errors.

Automating the contract process ensures contract cycles are directed internally and externally more efficiently and all contract changes are saved for prompt reviews and approvals. Set up a unique automatic pathway that will take your contracts from generation to revenue faster than ever.

Simple Contract Workflows

Automate anything that’s based on a specific contract or folder action. For example, any repetitive task (such as moving a contract from a Pending to an Approved folder after it’s approved) can easily be automated within a workflow with SpringCM.

Simple workflow diagram
Complex workflow diagram

Advanced Workflows

Build a complex contract workflow from a set of predefined user or system activities to automatically route contracts through the appropriate channels, all the way to revenue and renewal. These advanced workflows are especially useful for the contract generation process, where you can use predefined data to reduce human error, automate distribution for approval, and archive approved versions with minimal user action.

Drive accurate searching and reporting

Quickly track down a contract by searching for metadata such as start date or customer name. You can define how they tag contracts, according to your specific business needs. These tags can sync with CRMs, like Salesforce, to keep sales teams working on the same key customer data. Tags can be leveraged to track contracts containing non-standard or negotiated clauses, to enable reporting on trends on organizational risk.

Tagging contracts

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