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Two Chicago companies team up to streamline sales cycles for Salesforce customers

April 28, 2014

Two tech companies with strong Chicago ties teamed up last week to provide an integrated application that accelerates sales cycles. The partnership between Chicago-based cloud content management company SpringCM and Palo Alto-based Configure Price Quote provider SteelBrick (whose CEO Godard Abel and CMO Will Wiegler are based in Chicago), will allow Salesforce.com customers to streamline all the steps that happen before a quote is generated and a contract is signed.

“Sales cycles can’t advance until a price quote is delivered to a customer, and deals don’t close without the execution of a contract,” Wiegler said in a statement. “Some people talk about this in terms of accelerating the quote-to-cash cycle. While critical, it’s a limited view that fails to address a whole host of ad hoc, time-consuming steps that negatively impact revenue, costs and customer satisfaction. By using the combination of SteelBrick CPQ and SpringCM software, customers close deals fast and accelerate revenue growth.”

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