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The Truth About Blockchain in the Public Sector

April 9, 2019

By nature, human beings put their trust in institutions of authority, and should be able to rely on governing powers as the sources of truth on issues both foreign and domestic. But in an atmosphere of “fake news,” divided parties and dirty politics, this trust is waning.


DocuSign Completes Acquisition of SpringCM

September 4, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- DocuSign, Inc. (Nasdaq: DOCU), which offers the world's #1 eSignature solution as part of its broader platform for automating the agreement process, today announced it has completed its acquisition of SpringCM, a leading cloud-based document generation and contract lifecycle management software company. With SpringCM, DocuSign will accelerate customers' ability to modernize their Systems of Agreement—all the way from preparing to signing, acting-on, and managing agreements.


Workflow a major challenge for contract management

September 14, 2017

Almost half of all organisations involved in contract generation find that workflow is the most challenging area of contract management.


Changes to Google Drive, Microsoft-Adobe Partnership Grows, SpringCM achieves FedRAMP

September 8, 2017

Backup and Sync was unveiled a few months ago — in fact it was unveiled twice — and while Google mentioned at the time plans to release Drive File Stream for businesses, it didn't offer many details beyond that.


Workflows: Best Practices for Automating Today’s Marketing Department

September 7, 2017

In the age of content marketing, PPC campaigns and mobile apps, antiquated tools like pen and paper have no place in today’s dynamic marketing landscape. However, time and time again, marketers return to outdated tools for their vital processes, leaving campaigns vulnerable to error and miscommunication. 


Tackling Automation Challenges in Today’s Marketing Landscape

August 22, 2017

Manual tools, like email and pen and paper, are not enough to keep up in today’s competitive marketing industry, especially during critical campaigns. Even so, some marketers cling to outdated methods for the most important processes, leaving room for error and miscommunication.


What is a Contract Management System? How Popular Are They?

August 22, 2017

In SpringCM’s third annual State of Contract Management, they report that only 32% of survey respondents are using a contract management solution, up 6% over last year. Contract Management Systems provide an organization with the means to securely write or upload contracts, distribute the contracts, monitor activity, manage edits, automate the approval process, and aggregate contract statistics for reporting.


Crain's Chicago Business Tech 50 2017

July 16, 2017

"Technology is all about invention and reinvention, and Crain's Tech 50 is no exception. The seventh annual list includes plenty of new faces," including SpringCM's own, Dan Dal Degan. "Browse our latest roster of founders, CEOs, coders, hackers, investors, brilliant minds and bravehearts at the forefront of Chicago's technology scene."


Software firm raises $25 million, names new CEO

February 8, 2017  - Chicago Business

SpringCM, a fast-growing cloud software company, raised another $25 million for expansion and named a new CEO.


Streamline or Die: Implementing Workflow Management Systems

January 31, 2017  - CIO Review

In today's fast-moving economy, as companies split, merge, change and develop, it's increasingly necessary to have a tool that can track, manage and coordinate tasks across an entire organization; provide visibility into the business; and forster collaboration and innovation.


What 6 Chicago tech companies are thankful for this year

November 22, 2016  - BUILT IN CHICAGO

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the past year and remember what we're thankful for before the new year begins. Usually, we do this with family, but many startup teams feel like families of their own. The Chicago startups we talked to were thankful for everything from their customers to their cold-brew coffee — check out all they're thankful for below:


How Businesses Can Enable Digital Transformation

November 21, 2016  - Virtual Strategy Magazine

The workplace has come a long way in the past 15 years. New technologies like smartphones, cloud computing and automation have changed the way we live and do business.


Security Risk in the Age of Cloud Computing

October 19, 2016  - EBN Online

Before the days of cloud-computing, organizations used on premise servers or even file cabinets to store their information. Now, many Cloud Service Providers (CSP) rely on third-party platforms to house and protect their information. With the need to store vast amounts of data, it's cheaper for companies to rent time on servers provided by these platforms. However, if this architecture is not properly designed, a flaw in one client's application would not only allow hackers to access their information, but other client's information as well.


Automate and Accelerate: 6 Keys to Digital Transformation

October 11, 2016  - Information Age

Business and IT processes are evolving, enabled by technologies like workflow automation and document management software – letting employees work smarter and creating a better customer experience. 

Digital transformation means the use of technologies that empower all employees – not just IT leaders and CIOs – to improve business performance, transparency, efficiency, speed and agility by bringing together previously siloed departments.


SpringCM Releases G|1 Docs

October 8, 2016  - CMS Wire

SpringCM, a document and sales contract management solution provider, has announced a cloud document management solution for Salesforce customers designed to manage files across teams and organizations.  


SpringCM Debuts Enterprise Document Management Solution

October 8, 2016  - Built in Chicago

SpringCM is putting its recent $17.5 million raise to use with the introduction of G|1 Docs, an all-in-one solution to power enterprise document management for Salesforce users. By integrating document creation, management and workflows into a searchable repository, users can more easily integrate sales data into communications and content creation.


Buan Consulting First Gold Certified SpringCM Partner for Systems Integrators; QuickStart Program Launched for Affordable Contract Management Solutions

September 29, 2016

ANNAPOLIS, MD (PRWEB)SpringCM, a leading document and sales contract management solution for Salesforce customers, today named Buan Consulting as its first Gold Certified SpringCM Partner for Systems Integrators. Buan Consulting, also the first SteelBrick (renamed to Salesforce CPQ) Certified Implementation Partner and a Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance Partner, also announced the kick-off of its SpringCM QuickStart service offering to provide small or medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with a base contract management system.


Workplace Of The Future: How To Enable A Business's Digital Transformation

September 16, 2016  - Field Technologies Online

Workflow automation and document management software support business transformation by creating a highly efficient workplace and a better customer experience


Bridging IT’s growing generation gap

August 10, 2016  - Computerworld

Do millennials make up a substantial portion of your IT staff? If not, they will soon.  Within a few years, millennials — roughly defined as people born after 1981 — will comprise the biggest demographic in the country, overtaking the baby boomers, who are today's most populous generation. By 2020, one-third of U.S. adults will be millennials, according to researchers at the University of Southern California.


G2 Crowd Grid for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software

August 2, 2016

G2 Crowd helps you select the best Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software product for your business. The G2 Grid rates products based on the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products customer satisfaction and market presence. You can select any of the products for a more detailed Enterprise Content Management (ECM) comparison. Only products with 10 or more reviews are shown in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Grid.


Illinois companies raised more money in Q2 thanks to one major deal

July 15, 2016  - Chicago Tribune

Illinois just had its best second-quarter haul of venture capital in years thanks to a single deal, according to one national scorecard.


The 9 Biggest Chicago Tech Hires in June

June 30, 2016

Chicago cloud-based document management software company SpringCM announced that it has hired Salesforce veteran Dan Dal Degan to its Board of Directors. Dal Degan was one of Salesforce's first 100 employees and started the company's central region. He's also held positions at Oracle, Siebel Systems, Sybase, Ensighten, and Synchrony.


SpringCM raises $17.5M to expand product offerings

JUNE 27, 2016  -

On Monday morning, sales contract management solution provider SpringCM announced that it has raised $17.5 million to accelerate its product development.


SpringCM reels in another $17.5 million

June 27, 2016

Software maker SpringCM has raised another $17.5 million.


3 Ways to Improve Compliance in the Contract Process

May 23, 2016  - Modern Marketing Xchange

Whether it’s getting employees behind new rules, new tools or just having them follow the current rule, compliance is an ongoing issue for most companies.


Your Crappy Document Processes Are Hurting Revenue Flows

May 13, 2016  - CMS WiRE

Where's the money? Obviously, not in your bank account — at least according to recent research from SpringCM, which found it typically takes companies more than a month to sign-off on some contracts.


Study Finds Need for Visibility in Contract Process to Eliminate Human Error

April 29, 2016  - General Counsel News

Most companies take more than a month to go from the initial “handshake” with a customer to a signed contract because they rely on manual tools, according to a survey conducted by SpringCM, a contract management solution for Salesforce customers. The second annual State of Contract Management report is the result of a survey of more than 800 professionals on their contract management processes and challenges.


Contract Management Tools Remain in Early Days

April 29, 2016  - EBN

Manual handling of contracts is both error prone and time consuming, and yet most organizations have not yet automated these key business processes. Electronics OEMs should put automated contract lifecycle management (CLM) at the top of their to-do list, though, to achieve high visibility, decrease risk, and streamline complex processes.


Machine Learning = Smarter Contract Lifecycle Management

April 14, 2016  - CMS Wire

We’ve long been fascinated with the idea of smart robots that serve human society. Think about Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot” short stories, Robby in the film “Forbidden Plant,” and R2D2 or BB8 in “Star Wars."


6 Critical Components of Successful Contract Management Software

April 11, 2016  - EBN

Electronics companies are beginning to see advantages to implementing a contract management system, which can help streamline the buying and selling process, and create full visibility from supply chain and procurement to legal, human resources, and information technology.


The Perils Of Storing Key Content On-Site

March 31, 2016  - Health IT Outcomes


Streamline or Die: Implementing Workflow Management Systems

March 7, 2016  - CIO Review

In today's fast-moving economy, as companies split, merge, change and develop, it's increasingly necessary to have a tool that can track, manage and coordinate tasks across an entire organization; provide visibility into the business; and foster collaboration and innovation.


SpringCM Inducted into ‘Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance’ for Streamlined Workflow and Increased Productivity

February 10, 2016  - MarTech Advisor

SpringCM, the cutting-edge document and contract management solution that allows Salesforce customers to control important business document workflows in a secure cloud environment, announced that it has been named a Platinum Cloud Alliance partner by Salesforce. SpringCM’s innovative application helps enterprises simplify the management of contract lifecycles.


SpringCM Track It for Deal Visibility Shines Light on Contracts and Other Documents

February 5, 2016  - General Counsel News

SpringCM, provider of a global document and contract management solution for Salesforce customers, has announced Track It for Deal Visibility. The app provides sales and legal teams, contract managers, and executives insight into the status of any sales document – SOWs, MSAs, contracts and others – via mobile and desktop devices, including Salesforce1, according to a release from the company.


Doc Mgt Roll-Up: Tracking Sales Docs

February 5, 2016  - CMS Wire

SpringCM, which provides document and content management software for Salesforce users, just released Track It for Deal Visibility, a mobile app which enables users to track and understand the status of sales documents.


SpringCM Announces Track It™ for Deal Visibility That is set to Harness Contracts and Other Documents

February 3, 2016  - MarTech Advisor

SpringCM, the top provider of contract and document management offerings for Salesforce customers, has released Track It™ for Deal Visibility, a new app that enables executives, legal and sales teams, and contract managers to gain a deeper understanding of the state of various sales documents. The app supports the Salesforce1 platform along with desktops and mobile devices.


SpringCM Launches Track It

February 1, 2016  - Destination CRM

Track It follows each document and gives users visibility to avoid contract bottlenecks and to help accurately forecast when deals will close. Data on how long each step has taken in the workflow can then be rolled up into deeper analytics.


8 Companies Leading ECM Into 2015

January 12, 2016  - CMS Wire

The enterprise content management (ECM) market looks set to change again. According to new research form Boston-based Nucleus Research, enterprises are taking to the idea of storing content on external servers.


HP Case Study: Deeper Document Data Delivered

May 27, 2015  - hp | intel

SpringCM poised for massive scalability with HP Moonshot solutions and DataStax Enterprise

SpringCM is a cloud-based enterprise document-centric workflow platform that allows customers to manage contracts, documents, and all types of content across devices and locations. Allowing users to streamline tasks, automate processes around documents, and work collaboratively, SpringCM is a solution that helps speed the sales cycle while keeping sensitive content secure. SpringCM recently deployed HP Moonshot technology to speed innovation and simplify scaling in its DataStax Enterprise distributed database platform, built on Apache Cassandra.


Enterprise Mobile Apps: The Time is Finally Right

November 19, 2014  - WIRED InnovationInsights

Posted by Dr. Antonis Papatsaras

Once upon a time, the media was abuzz with the great potential of mobile enterprise apps. They would make companies faster, more efficient, and address the needs of the increasingly mobile workforce. And yet, fast forward to just the summer of 2014. Vision Mobile found that of the 10,000 developers in 130 countries surveyed only 16 percent were developing for enterprises. This is the reality despite the fact that the enterprise market was by far the most financially lucrative space.


SpringCM one of 2014 Top 100 Digital Companies in Chicago

October 30, 2014  - built in chicago

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Built In Chicago today announced the 2014 list of the Top 100 Digital Technology Companies in Chicago. According to Built In Chicago, more than 49,000 people are employed in the City’s technology economy, a 23 percent increase over 2013 and up nearly fifty percent from 2012, and there are now more than 2,100 digital technology companies in Chicago.


Collaborating in the Cloud

October 6, 2014  - 1 to 1 Media

Bridging data and capabilities across channels and departments has become critical as organizations strive to eliminate customer data silos and become more agile in responding to rapidly changing market dynamics. For many companies, cloud-based solutions like software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) meet these needs by allowing for collaboration and connecting internal and external value chains at minimal capital expenses.


Explosive Q2 sales lands SpringCM another $6 million

July 10, 2014  - built in chicago

Cloud content management company SpringC closed a $6 million financing this week, not long after it raised $18 million in April. In total, SpringCM has raised $45 million since 2010.


Global SaaS-based ECM Market Report with EMC, OpenText, Oracle & SpringCM Dominating

June 26, 2014  - Business Wire

DUBLIN — Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global SaaS-based ECM Market 2014-2018" report to their offering.


What SpringCM's CEO envisions when interviewing somebody for a job

May 1, 2014  - Chicago Tribune

Greg Buchholz, founder and CEO of content-management company SpringCM, discusses technology, innovation, "Tequila Thursday" and the airplane scenario that pops into his head when he talks with job candidates.


SpringCM looks to be Chicago’s ‘first billion-dollar enterprise software company’

April 28, 2014  - built in chicago

By Carlin Sack

Greg Buchholz, founder and CEO of nine-year-old SpringCM, has a big goal in mind for his cloud content management company: that it will be the first billion-dollar enterprise software company to come out of Chicago.


Two Chicago companies team up to streamline sales cycles for Salesforce customers

April 28, 2014  - built in chicago

Two tech companies with strong Chicago ties teamed up last week to provide an integrated application that accelerates sales cycles. The partnership between Chicago-based cloud content management company SpringCM and Palo Alto-based Configure Price Quote provider SteelBrick (whose CEO Godard Abel and CMO Will Wiegler are based in Chicago), will allow customers to streamline all the steps that happen before a quote is generated and a contract is signed.


SpringCM Scores $18M In Funding; Plans To Expand Sales And Marketing

April 17, 2014  - TechCrunch

“We don’t have presence of Silicon Valley companies, but we want to change that. We are going to primarily use the proceeds [of this funding round] to amp up sales and marketing,” Bucholtz said.


SpringCM: With this $18M, we ‘want to be in every fight’ with Dropbox & Box

April 17, 2014  - VentureBeat

The “content cloud services” company based in Chicago, IL., today announced $18 million in new financing that it will use primary to rev up its sales and marketing engine.


SpringCM Gets $18M To Further Push Its "Beyond Box" Message

April 17, 2014  - Forbes

By Ben Kepes

With all the attention that cloud file sharing vendors Box and Dropbox get, you’d think that every possible use case is covered by their approach towards file sharing, sycnronization and collaboration. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendor SpringCM disagrees and believes that true enterprise needs won’t be met by what it views as these “consumer-grade” applications. SpringCM believes that enterprises have security and functionality requirements that simply can’t be met by these solutions that it suggests are primarily focused on delivering a pretty user interface.


Cloud-software maker SpringCM raises $18 million

April 17, 2014  - Crain's Chicago Business

By John Pletz

SpringCM is cashing in on the rush to get a piece of the cloud, raising $18 million in venture funding.

The Loop-based software maker founded in 2005 has raised $50 million. The latest infusion comes from Foundation Capital of Menlo Park, Calif., Boston-based North Bridge Capital LLC and Goff Capital Partners of Fort Worth, Texas.


SpringCM Announces Salesforce Integrations

April 16, 2014  - Nucleus Research

On April 2, 2014 SpringCM announced the release of two applications that further integrate the company’s enterprise content management (ECM) solution into Salesforce applications to give users direct access to enterprise content in the user interface (UI). Embedding content access into the UI reduces window switching among users, accelerating productivity among sales teams and increasing the ROI for cloud ECM and CRM deployments.


SpringCM File It, Get It apps bring embedded CM to Salesforce

April 9, 2014  - Fierce Content Management

By Ron Miller

SpringCM, the cloud-based content management system announced a new product this week for users that provides a way to embed SpringCM technology inside SFDC pages.


SpringCM introduces Salesforce apps

April 3, 2014  - KM World

SpringCM has unveiled the File it! and Get it! apps for SpringCM for Salesforce. SpringCM for Salesforce embeds a secure content cloud in Salesforce that makes it easier to store, share and work with content—all without leaving Salesforce.


KMWorld Names SpringCM as a Companies that Matters in Knowledge Management

March 1, 2014  - KM World

SpringCM is proud to be named as one of KMWorld's 100 Companies that Matters in Knowledge Management in 2014!


Are you a mobile blocker or enabler? by Jeff Piper

December 9, 2013  - Information Week

InformationWeek ran a thought leadership article authored by SpringCM's founder and Cheif Customer Officer, Jeff Piper.


SpringCM announces new release this week

November 13, 2013  - Fierce Content Management

A recent Cloud services provider SpringCM unveiled a new release of its cloud platform geared toward marketers and sales teams, and with an emphasis on security and easier content sharing outside the SpringCM platform.


Balancing user productivity & enterprise control (AIIM Blog)

May 31, 2013  - aiim community

Is it even possible to balance user productivity with enterprise control? That’s the question SpringCM Chief Customer Officer, Jeff Piper, addresses in his AIIM Expert blog.


BYOD: Stop Debating and Start Acting

May 23, 2013  - Wired

Allowing employees to “bringing your own device to work” (BYOD) has been a hotly contested corporate political football for the last few years. And like most political discussions today, BYOD is being reduced to the level of Congressional debate: polar opposites staying steadfastly stuck to their opinions, while nothing is done to address a serious problem. Impassioned arguments are bringing us nowhere closer to a resolution, and the risk of inaction is great.


Stars and Stripes Selects Privia to Deliver Enterprise Content Management with SpringCM Content Cloud Services

May 13, 2013  - Globe Newswire

HERNDON, Va. — Stars and Stripes, the independent media organization for the U.S. military community, has selected Privia, LLC to provide the organization with with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.


Facebook and SpringCM to Present Case Study on Harnessing Content Cloud Services to Transform Employee Onboarding

May 9, 2013  - The Wall Street Journal

CHICAGO, IL — SpringCM(R), the leader in Content Cloud Services for the enterprise, announced that Facebook will be presenting its use of SpringCM for employee onboarding at the HR Shared Services and Outsourcing Summit. Vijay Rao, manager of "peeps" (aka people services) at Facebook, will be presenting with Ben Kiker, chief marketing officer at SpringCM, on "Taking the Routine out of HR - and Putting the Fun Back In." The session will be held on Tuesday, May 14, at 11:45 am at the Hotel Sax in Chicago.


SpringCM Automates Your Document Management and Collaboration Workflow

April 22, 2013

By Ann Augustine, Guide


100 COMPANIES That Matter in Knowledge Management [KM World]

April 4, 2013  -

SpringCM makes KM World's list of the top 100 companies that matters most in knowledge management.


SpringCM Secures Mobile Content

March 19, 2013  - CMS Wire

As vendors push their products onto the cloud and out to an increasingly mobile workforce, content security has never been more important. While always important, the increase in mobile device use has made it become a key issue for enterprises. The latest company to tackle this is SpringCM. SpringCM is an old hand in the content and document management game and with the development of its cloud content capabilities, mobile security and the ability to synchronize content from any mobile device became essential.


Document Mgt Roll-up: SpringCM Secures Mobile Content, Alfresco Outlines Hybrid Strategy

March 19, 2013  - CMS Wire

SpringCM Secures Mobile Content

As vendors push their products onto the cloud and out to an increasingly mobile workforce, content security has never been more important. While always important, the increase in mobile device use has made it become a key issue for enterprises. The latest company to tackle this is SpringCM.


SpringCM update aims to protect mobile content

March 13, 2013  - Fierce Content Management

SpringCM has been around longer than most cloud services, yet seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle of shinier, newer models. Not to be outdone, the company announced a new set of mobile content services this week that protect content on mobile devices on the go.


Chuck Teubner Joins SpringCM Board of Directors

March 6, 2013  - Yahoo! Finance

Former Sybase, Groove Networks, and USinternetworking Executive to Serve as Executive Chairman.


National Renewable Energy Lab Selects Privia to Provide Enterprise Content Management Using SpringCM Content Cloud Services

March 4, 2013  - Globe Newswire

HERNDON, Va. — The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the only national laboratory exclusively dedicated to the advancement of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies from concept to commercial application, has selected Privia, LLC to provide the organization with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.


SpringCM Receives Salesforce AppExchange Customer Choice Award for Collaboration

February 28, 2013  - Market Wire Recognizes Top AppExchange Partner Solutions Based on User Reviews; Customers Recognize That Content Matters, Choose SpringCM for Its Enterprise-Class Functionality, User Experience and Security With All the Benefits of the Cloud.