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SpringCM Unveils New File it! and Get it! Apps for Salesforce.com Customers

April 2, 2014

The latest innovation from SpringCM, the Salesforce AppExchange Customer Choice Award winner for Collaboration, helps salesforce.com customers cut through content hazards that bog down sales and marketing teams

CHICAGO, IL — SpringCM®, the leader in Content Cloud Services, today announced the delivery of the SpringCM File it! and Get it! apps for SpringCM for Salesforce, which embeds a secure content cloud in Salesforce. SpringCM’s award-winning application makes it easier to store, share and work with content—all without leaving Salesforce.

The File it! app embeds SpringCM on a Salesforce page, such as an Account, Opportunity, or Case, to work with content specific to that page. The File it! app, which features a breakthrough user experience, increases the productivity of sales teams by dramatically shortening the time spent finding, creating and reviewing key documents, such as a contract, by as much as 80%.

The Get it! app dynamically delivers content based on characteristics of Salesforce fields, such as the competitor in an opportunity. By providing the latest content at precisely the moment it’s needed, the Get it! app ensures a company’s investment in marketing materials and sales tools actually pays off—and that sales teams are not using outdated material.

Both apps can be rapidly configured and deployed, allowing salesforce.com customers to replace shared drives, personal file storage apps, old school content management systems and email “shout outs” asking for help.

The new SpringCM apps include:

  • SpringCM File it! app: The File it! app provides “only what you need and no more,” ensuring sales reps have what they need at their fingertips, without combing through non-relevant files and folders. The File it! app is embedded in specific Salesforce pages—for example, an opportunity—and gives users a secure, single destination to create, share and work with content relevant to that opportunity. The File it! app is loaded with powerful SpringCM functionality, offering more than 30 content actions, including:
    • Organize and store documents in a familiar folder hierarchy;
    • Share documents via private and public links, email, attachments, faxes and more;
    • Add and manage document attributes for search;
    • Version documents with check in/check out features; and
    • Merge and compare documents.
  • SpringCM Get it! app: The Get it! app provides “exactly what you need, just when you need it,” automatically searching for, and dynamically delivering, content that is specific to fields on a Salesforce page, for example, a lead or opportunity. The Get it! app can “automagically” deliver:
    • Campaign-specific sales guides to quickly qualify a new lead;
    • The latest Marketing-approved and “customer-ready” content specific to the prospect’s product interest;
    • Appropriate content to advance an opportunity from one stage to the next, for example, competitive intelligence specific to the competitor(s) in that opportunity.

And salesforce.com customers interested in learning if their sales teams actually accessed and used content will love the way SpringCM tracks every action taken by every user with every piece of content.

Salesforce.com customers have been praising SpringCM's tight integration with the Salesforce platform on theAppExchange, including:

“SpringCM has been an integral part of our Cloud solution, with powerful capabilities far beyond document management. It provides an easy and essential method of storing and sharing documents for our team members (who are in various locations across the country) as well as our external vendors and partners.”

“We had files floating around everywhere and big trouble finding the crucial documents on a daily basis. It was a complex effort to track down what we needed from whomever happened to have the necessary document on their hard drive. After my first demo with SpringCM, I was sold!”

“SpringCM integration is an excellent app. With the full implementation it will save me time and improve my customer response time. The feature I find most helpful is the drag and drop. This allows me to quickly and easily organize my files for each client. I also like the fact I can create custom folders and share the information with my teammates.”

“Nothing brings progress to a grinding halt like trapped, missing or out-of-date content,” said Ben Kiker, CMO, SpringCM. “Our File it! and Get it! apps were designed with one purpose: to tackle the content hazards that stand in the way of sales teams advancing and closing deals. When people stop chasing content and no longer have to decipher headache-inducing email threads, magic happens. As a customer recently shared with me, ‘Finding SpringCM was a godsend.’”

SpringCM Content Cloud Services for Salesforce.com

SpringCM extends the investment in the Salesforce platform by elegantly handling all of an organization’s document management needs—inside and outside Salesforce. The SpringCM Content Cloud gives the user a single secure place to store both sales-related content and content critical to non-Salesforce functions, like HR and Finance.  Inside Salesforce, the SpringCM content tab gives a holistic view of all the content in SpringCM organized in familiar file and folder hierarchies. Outside Salesforce, SpringCM is accessible through an intuitive web interface. The SpringCM Content Cloud provides everything a user needs in one place, organized and easy to find.

See SpringCM at the Salesforce1 World Tour

SpringCM is a sponsor of the Salesforce1 World Tour and will be exhibiting in Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Dallas, LA / Anaheim, and Toronto. The Salesforce1 World Tour is designed to help companies everywhere tap into the power of social, mobile and connected cloud technologies from salesforce.com and connect with their customers in a whole new way. SpringCM team members will be showcasing SpringCM for Salesforce along with the File it! and Get it! apps. For more information, please visit our events page!

About SpringCM:

SpringCM is the leader in Content Cloud Services for the enterprise. Enterprises need to do more than store and share content—they need to put content to work to accelerate business outcomes. SpringCM helps global brands and public sector agencies—Facebook, Google, NCR, Office Depot, PDI Nice-pak and the U.S. Department of Energy, among others—solve content-related problems that stand in the way of optimizing revenues, cutting costs, mitigating risk and engaging customers and employees.

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