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SpringCM Track It™ for Deal Visibility Shines Light on Contracts and Other Documents

February 1, 2016

Mobile App Provides Actionable Insight into Status of Contracts to Accurately Forecast When Deals Close

CHICAGO, IL — SpringCM, the No. 1 global document and contract management solution for Salesforce customers, today announced Track It™ for Deal Visibility. The app provides sales and legal teams, contract managers, and executives insight into the status of any sales document – SOWs, MSAs, contracts and others – via mobile and desktop devices, including Salesforce1.

Track It follows each document, giving users an understanding as to where the process is being held up. Users get unparalleled visibility to avoid contract bottlenecks and to help accurately forecast when deals will close. Data on how long each step has taken in the workflow can then be rolled up into deeper analytics.

“SpringCM’s Track It was built to monitor documents at crucial points along the contract lifecycle and to deliver key insights,” said Greg Buchholz, CEO of SpringCM.  “Sales reps know precisely what needs to happen to get their contracts signed. For example, if I’m on my iPhone, I can launch the Salesforce1 app, click on my 10 opportunities, and know exactly where the contract and other deal-related documents like MSAs and SOWs stand in each of these 10 opportunities. This kind of intelligence is a market differentiator and available only through the SpringCM platform.”

Track It works in conjunction with File It™, a powerful sales content management system for easily creating, storing, organizing, accessing and sharing documents from Salesforce objects like Accounts, Opportunities, Cases and more. Leveraging SpringCM’s Manage It™ functionality, users can create complex MSAs by selecting legal language from templates and clause libraries to speed the contract lifecycle management process.

"One way to look at the impact the Track It functionality has on contract management is in the context of shipping and receiving a package,” Buchholz said. When you have sent a package or are anticipating receiving one, isn't it valuable to use the shipping number to know exactly where it is and when it is expected to be received? Well, SpringCM brings that level of visibility to all customer-facing deal documents, with the added ability to take action to accelerate them when they get bogged down. Sales has often said that contracts go into a ‘black hole.’ We bring light back to the process.”

Track It can be used in Salesforce or with any other CRM software, or directly within the SpringCM platform. Track It also aggregates data around contract workflows, giving decision-makers and salespeople historical perspectives to inform present and future contract matters.

To learn more, see this video.

About SpringCM:

SpringCM is a secure cloud platform that manages contracts and all types of documents seamlessly across desktop, mobile and partner applications like Salesforce. SpringCM goes beyond standard contract management software with advanced workflows that automate manual tasks and complex processes to shorten contract cycles from weeks to days, and speed time-to-revenue. For executives looking to strategically leverage contract management to deliver immediate savings and accelerate revenue, SpringCM is the No. 1-rated contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform because of its superior technology, diverse capabilities, and low total cost of ownership. Every day, more than 600 organizations, including best-in-class companies like NCR, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Wolters Kluwer, use SpringCM to streamline internal sales and legal operations, improve the customer experience and get more done, faster.

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Andrée Beckham
Vice President, Marketing