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SpringCM Furthers Investment in Secure Delivery of World-Class Content Cloud Services to Meet Exploding Enterprise Demand

March 13, 2013

SpringCM invests in the world’s largest, most powerful data center to deliver advanced security, performance and scalability as customer usage increases 600% in last 12 months

CHICAGO, IL — SpringCM®, the leader in Content Cloud Services for the enterprise for the enterprise, announced today that it has augmented its cloud infrastructure to support rapidly growing demand. SpringCM has expanded its delivery strategy to include SuperNAP from Switch Communications, widely regarded as the world’s largest and most powerful datacenter.

Individual employees and teams have been adopting consumer cloud services such as Dropbox and Box for storing and sharing documents in an attempt to free themselves from old-school enterprise content management (ECM) systems. But these consumer services have critical, inherent challenges for broad enterprise adoption, including significant security and functionality gaps. In order to combat the proliferation of consumer services and migrate from legacy ECM systems, organizations require enterprise-class functionality, security and a great user experience – all of which SpringCM provides today.

SpringCM has seen significant demand from mid-sized and large enterprises, including a 600 percent increase in customer usage and a 1,600 percent increase in process-intensive workflow applications year over year. And with demand for Content Cloud Services expected to grow even more over the next two years, SpringCM continues to invest in its robust enterprise-class cloud infrastructure.

Switch Communications provides colocation, connectivity and cloud services for global 1000 corporations, mid-sized enterprises, government agencies and other businesses conducting mission-critical business on the Internet. Located outside of Las Vegas, Switch provides the highest levels of security, and SuperNAP is second only to the Hoover Dam for disaster preparedness and recovery in the state of Nevada.

Customer Commentary

“SpringCM is built from the ground up for businesses, and I trust our content with them every day,” said Joel Weber, CIO of Weber Associates. “This data center expansion is what I’ve come to expect from SpringCM. They are always one step ahead of our requirements, and constantly thinking of how to innovate the security, governance and capabilities that allow us to put content to work. ”

SpringCM Commentary

“Content is a company’s intellectual property,” said Chris King, Vice President of Operations at SpringCM. “We are reminded every day of the content hazards that enterprises and government agencies face as they struggle to put content to work. Our goal is to help our customers overcome those hazards, and do it with a service that’s both highly secure and readily available. By including SuperNAP in our delivery strategy we’re helping our customers unlock the value of their content.”

About SpringCM:

SpringCM is the leader in Content Cloud Services for the enterprise. Enterprises need to do more than store and share content—they need to put content to work to accelerate business outcomes. SpringCM helps global brands and public sector agencies—Google, Facebook and the Commonwealth of Virginia, among others—solve content-related problems that stand in the way of optimizing revenues, cutting costs, and mitigating risk.

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