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SpringCM Delivers New Share It! Capabilities

November 13, 2013

SpringCM customers can now easily collaborate outside the enterprise with the most advanced Content Cloud Service security features

CHICAGO, IL — SpringCM, the leader in Content Cloud Services, today announced enhancements to the SpringCM platform that make it easier than ever for enterprises to share SpringCM content with people who do not use SpringCM. SpringCM users can now share content with customers, partners, vendors and other external stakeholders, while still taking advantage of SpringCM’s advanced security and content management features. And SpringCM Administrators can maintain security and control by determining, for individual folders and documents, what content can be shared, by whom and how.

Employees regularly need to share content, often outside their organizations, and that typically means emailing attachments. But, once employees hit “send,” the enterprise loses all visibility and control. There is no clear indication if the content was opened, read, altered or forwarded – a huge risk for companies that share confidential or dynamic content. And, if confidential or outdated content was erroneously shared there’s no way to recall that content with confidence.

Old School enterprise content management solutions offer no capabilities to address this risk. And cloud file store and share solutions offer only “All or Nothing” options: administrators allow users to share every document or none. With sensitive content rapidly shifting to the cloud, enterprises must have the ability to enforce document-sharing rules while still making it easy for employees to put content to work and securely share it with key stakeholders.

To help companies address this requirement, SpringCM has added an innovative Share Link framework to its platform. Share Link provides the option to share individual documents, or folders containing multiple documents, publicly. This “public” option complements SpringCM’s existing capabilities for sharing content privately within the enterprise. Now, users can easily and securely collaborate on documents with individuals not using SpringCM.

For example, a sales rep using SpringCM can safely collaborate on a contract with a partner or customer by sharing a document link. Through SpringCM, the rep can give “view only” access, allow recipients to download and forward documents on for internal approvals, and set expiration dates, after which the link is inactive.

“At Ross Video we strive to provide the best customer experience for our products, solutions and services,” said Dan Jackson, vice president, Engineering Services and MIS, Ross Video. “Even though we’re a global company providing live broadcast solutions to world-class venues, we operate with a ‘local touch.’ Therefore it’s essential that our global support and sales teams are on the same page with the most up-to-the-second information about our products. SpringCM’s Share It! capabilities help me sleep better at night. I know that we have control over our content. If something’s outdated, no one sees it. And our teams and customers always have the most current content.”

Additional new Share Link features include:

  • Configure Access Permissions: SpringCM administrators determine which users can share content publicly. SpringCM users can then set different permissions for different recipients, at either the document or folder level. When teams use documents and folders, each member can share the same content and can determine permissions. Documents can be configured for downloading a native file, a read-only PDF, or preview-only.
  • Set and Manage Expiration Dates: SpringCM users can easily define the expiration dates of individual links to ensure a limited access window for each piece of content. Dates can be configured for different recipients and can be edited at any time.
  • Indicate Shares: Once a document or folder is shared, a Share icon will identify that it has been shared. And users can view the sharing history of each document and folder to view who shared it and what parameters were set. This reduces risk by making employees aware of content that is shared publicly.
  • Control Shares Universally: SpringCM administrators and users can edit, change or disable existing shares or eliminate the option to make a public link for specific documents or folders altogether. And Administrators can set minimum security options for each document and folder and can remove any shares at any time. Administrators can also run reports to keep tabs on the content being made publicly available.
  • Share Intelligently: A new interface improves users’ messaging experience, offering a full preview of a message’s contents and allowing for To, CC, and BCC recipients, signature attachment and rich text editing.

“We all know e-mail is the worst option for collaborating, especially when multiple documents and multiple recipients are involved,” said Ben Kiker, CMO, SpringCM. “Yet every enterprise must regularly share content with external stakeholders. Our new Share It! capabilities make sharing incredibly easy and super secure. But it’s the ‘little touches’ we’ve incorporated that stand out. For example, an administrator can quickly cancel all publicly shared content in the event of a security breach. No other Content Cloud Service provides this capability.”

About SpringCM Content Cloud Services

SpringCM Content Cloud Services transform the way people find, share, collaborate and work with content. SpringCM combines the ease of use of consumer-focused offerings with robust enterprise-class capabilities designed to put content to work. Unlike consumer Content Cloud Service offerings such as Dropbox and Box, SpringCM was architected for the enterprise from day one with rich security, mobile, sync and business process capabilities. While old school Enterprise Content Management systems such as SharePoint, Documentum and FileNet are expensive to maintain and challenging to use, SpringCM was designed to deliver the functionality of those systems – and more – without frustrating employees, customers and partners.

About SpringCM:

SpringCM is the leader in Content Cloud Services for the enterprise. Enterprises need to do more than store and share content—they need to put content to work to accelerate business outcomes. SpringCM helps global brands and public sector agencies—Google, Facebook and the Commonwealth of Virginia, among others—solve content-related problems that stand in the way of optimizing revenues, cutting costs, mitigating risk and engaging customers and employees.

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