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Enterprise Mobile Apps: The Time is Finally Right

November 19, 2014
Posted by Dr. Antonis Papatsaras

Once upon a time, the media was abuzz with the great potential of mobile enterprise apps. They would make companies faster, more efficient, and address the needs of the increasingly mobile workforce. And yet, fast forward to just the summer of 2014. Vision Mobile found that of the 10,000 developers in 130 countries surveyed only 16 percent were developing for enterprises. This is the reality despite the fact that the enterprise market was by far the most financially lucrative space.

While it may seem like a bust to date, there are signs that the tide is finally shifting, and to the benefit of employees who want to be untethered. Several new factors are emerging that indicate the time is right for the enterprise and mobile apps to re-engage, including:

Applications are getting smarter. Location, context, preference and content-awareness are becoming standard, allowing workers to get more done on the spot.

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