Salesforce CPQ + SpringCM

    An integrated Quote-to-Cash and Contract Lifecycle Management solution


    Accelerate your sales cycle with SpringCM Contract Management and Salesforce CPQ. Generate contracts, build easy and accurate quotes, and speed time to revenue with the best in class CPQ and CLM integration.

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    A Best in Class Approach

    Tackle sales-related processes holistically and completely

    Optimize your contract process and close deals faster

    Utilizing SpringCM in tandem with Salesforce CPQ will allow your organization to establish a repeatable, traceable, and optimized contract management and pricing and configuration process. We’ve seen some really impressive results from our customers who pair SpringCM with Salesforce CPQ - from a user adoption perspective, from a tracking perspective, and from an efficiency gain perspective.

    Help your legal teams accelerate redlining and improve productivity

    Nothing causes more angst between sales and legal teams than the redlining process. Using SpringCM integrated with Salesforce CPQ allows legal teams to take advantage of an integrated clause library that provides increased efficiency and productivity during contract redlining, leading to less pain for both legal and sales teams when it comes time to redline

    Build a true contract repository for the entire organization

    SpringCM complements Salesforce CPQ by helping users access a legacy contract that was agreed to years ago, or with trying to get an NDA in place to advance a deal (well before a quote is necessary). Whether leveraging OCR-driven search for legacy contracts, or self-service generation to access an NDA template within Salesforce, SpringCM can provide solutions that help ensure that dealing with contracts isn’t a painful experience.

    Proven Results in our Customers

    SpringCM and Salesforce CPQ provide double the value for our shared customers


    We are changing all aspects of our Quote-to-Cash platform, starting by implementing SpringCM and Salesforce CPQ together as the driver of our digital transformation.

    - Jason Rader, Director of Process Improvement

    We needed to increase the number of contracts that are automatically generated so that we could turn around to the clients faster - SpringCM implemented with Salesforce CPQ and CRM gives us a seamless user experience that feels like one tool.

    - Carol Barry, Vice President of Client Services

    CLM & CPQ Webinar

    Achieving a state of zen is uncommon in the chaotic world of sales - but it is possible.

    In this webinar, you'll learn how Peak10 is using Salesforce CPQ and SpringCM to automate time consuming sales processes that your team faces every day.

    Zen and the Art of Quote-to-Cash