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SpringCM Labs is our research arm, where we work with users like you to discover how we can improve the SpringCM experience for everyone. Join SpringCM Labs today. You will get our attention, and we will listen. Participate as much or as little as you want - we offer a variety of ways to make a difference.


Current Beta Features

As a member of SpringCM Labs, you can get an advance ticket to what's coming in future releases by participating in our exciting Beta programs!

Doc PreviewOPEN BETA

End users see only the actions that they are responsible for completing, in order of importance, with the responsive preview that gives you the flexibility to work completely mobile.

DashboardOPEN BETA

The persona-driven dashboard intelligently serves up documents you care about and provides the information you need to prioritize and respond.


Better manage your day-to-day work in SpringCM, prioritize and more efficiently handle the volume of your tasks.


Workflow ReportsOPEN BETA

Gain visibility into workflow activity during a specific time window, or individual workflows that are active with specific ranges.

Workflow PageOPEN BETA

The new workflows page was designed to help admins monitor and configure workflow processes.


Update relevant Salesforce fields and document attributes through this new workflow step. Recommended for advanced workflow users.

Document CompareCLOSED BETA

Compare two versions of a document from the Doc Preview beta

Office 365 IntegrationOPEN BETA

 Access Microsoft Office 365 to edit documents from SpringCM

Reports PageOPEN BETA

This newly designed page continues the design and user experience improvements across SpringCM.


What is SpringCM Labs?

User Research

Sign up to participate in exciting user research around SpringCM features and enhancements. We love talking to our customers and hearing your feedback!

Beta Testing

Play a major role in the lifecycle of features.  Act as a beta tester to help us make sure we're implementing features that make your work flow! 

Submit Ideas

Enter the SpringCM Ideas Portal so you can make suggestions for future development consideration


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Wherever you see a Join SpringCM Labs! button, click it and your browser redirects you to the Join Labs form.

Otherwise, click here!


What's the commitment?

You can choose to participate in as many or as few SpringCM Labs programs as you want. When you sign up for SpringCM Labs, you will periodically get emails from us asking for volunteers. We love hearing your feedback but we know that life can get busy! 


What's the difference between Open and Closed Beta?

"Open Beta" means that you don't need your SpringCM account representative to turn on the feature for you. Even though we do not turn the feature on by default, you can opt to turn it on in your account preferences.

"Closed Beta" is a feature that is not automatically turned on with a release. SpringCM wants to test run the feature with a small sample from our customer pool so we can ensure we're delivering the best experience.

We require potential Closed Beta testers to contact us to request feature activation, and then we incrementally ask for feedback regarding your experience. If you're interested in any of the features we have currently in Closed Beta, click the "I want to be a beta tester!" button in the section above to reach out to us.


I'm a partner. Can I still participate?

Yes! We love having our partners participate in both beta tests and user research. Sign up for SpringCM Labs if you haven't already, or email us at if you have any questions regarding partner testing.


How do I find my account ID?

One of two ways:

Look at the URL in your SpringCM browser tab. You'll see something similar to "?aid=12345" at the end. The number is your account ID.


I still have questions......

Email us at and we'll be happy to address your questions!