Simplify your process around creating, generating or uploading new documents. Doc Launcher is the primary tool for generating new documents or uploading existing documents to launch workflows. Using your own templates, you can quickly merge data to create new contracts, agreements or any document and instantly send it through the appropriate downstream business process. You can also use the same tool to kickoff a workflow by uploading an existing document, such as a 3rd party agreement.

Configure Pre-Approved Templates

Working from pre-approved templates saves you significant time in the review process. With Doc Launcher you can configure custom templates for your most common types of documents. This template configuration gives you ultimate control over all your document generation activity.


Efficiently Create and Control Contracts

Input Data from Anywhere

Your templates can be populated with input data from any source, including Salesforce. Users are also able to manually enter data through our custom form options. Doc Launcher is flexible enough to handle input sources from across your business platforms.

Launch Document Workflows

Automate your reviews and approvals process by setting up Doc Launcher to immediately initiate a workflow once a document is created. Increase the internal efficiency of your teams by automatically sending documents to the appropriate people to review.

"Almost all of my tasks are linked to Doc Launcher. I am primarily responsible for editing and sharing documents I cull from contractors. We were utilizing a different file server and it was a disaster. My productivity is so much greater with SpringCM. The ability to view the history of a folder is also very important for me as I am able to confirm that a contact is viewing shared files."



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