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FAQs for APIs

FAQs for APIs

What exactly is Web services?

Web services refers to a set of system functions on a server that are exposed to the Internet to allow (authenticated) remote systems to interact.

Where can I get more information about the API?

What functions does SpringCM expose as Web services?

API users can:

  • Upload files
  • Get metadata of a file/folder
  • Search files/folders
  • Download a file
  • Move a file
  • Copy a file/folder
  • Update metadata for a file/folder
  • Create folders
  • Delete files
  • Check-in/out a file
  • Get document types
  • Get document type attributes
  • List workflows
  • Initiate a pre-defined work process

Why would I want to use Web services?

Here are a few ways you might use Web services with our system.

  • Automation
  • Batch process repetitive tasks (e.g. - uploads, downloads, and updating file attributes)
  • Initiate recurring workflows automatically
  • Automate searches for auditing
  • Automate any business process that does not require the web-based user interface
  • Auto-provision new users from your system to ours.
  • Extending your own software/business
  • Leverage our services in conjunction with yours
  • Use our system as a business process backend
  • Create a hybrid of your front-end using our back-end with your own user interface

How can I use web services?

Web services interaction is as simple as using any Web-based language (e.g. .NET, Java or JavaScript) to access methods on remote machines using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

What is the SOAP protocol?

The SOAP protocol defines a text-based XML format that all requests and responses conform to. The XML format is structured to describe the method and parameters in the request or the return value in the response.

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