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Follow James' Journey to Dreamforce 2018

Last year, SpringCM’s own James Serra, had big dreams of meeting Marc Benioff at Dreamforce. Not only did he meet him, he got a picture with him which led to a total of $10k donation to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals.

This year, James is dreaming bigger!

There are so many influential people who attend this massive event – James wants to meet them ALL and get on stage at DreamFest.

James will be sporting a new orange jean jacket which he’ll try to get signed by all the influential people during the four days of Dreamforce.

And like last year, this is all for a good cause. This year we have chosen a foundation that is near and dear to our hearts, NewGenes.org. They are dedicated to gene replacement therapy to address terminal childhood diseases. SpringCM will donate $1 per tweet using the hashtag, #DreamWithJames. The donation will double if James gets the musical act to sign his jacket on stage at DreamFest.

James Met Benioff

Results from Last Year


Thousands of people joined James on his mission to meet Marc Benioff and raise awareness for UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals.

Last year, every time someone tweeted the hashtag, #BenioffMeetJames, SpringCM donated $1 to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals. And because James met and took a selfie with Benioff, SpringCM doubled the donation amount.

Join Our Mission

Would you and your team like to Dream With James?

We are constantly inspired by and grateful to be a part of such a supportive and giving industry. If you and your team are looking for a way to get noticed and participate in a good cause during Dreamforce 2018, let’s partner together!

Here are some ideas for ways to get involved:

  • Make a donation to NewGenes.org and SpringCM will create a special video thanking your company for Dreaming with James!
  • Donate $1 to NewGenes.org for every scanned badge at your Dreamforce booth.
  • Bring us your ideas! Do you have an idea for a #DreamWithJames video? Do you have another way to raise donations for NewGenes.org? We want to hear them!

Ready to Dream With James? Contact Deana Ward, dward@springcm.com.



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