Rise Interactive is a Chicago-based digital marketing agency and Interactive Investment Management firm. SpringCM gave Rise Interactive the accountability and visibility that their contract process needed.

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"All solutions are going to have some basic workflow, storage, and visibility. The way in which it’s delivered is what’s important to us, and the competition couldn’t live up to SpringCM."

julie honor
VP, Counsel

Creating control in the contract process

Rise Interactive's Sales teams were responsible for creating statement of work contracts for their clients. They would collaborate on a shared Google document and could have 12 to 20 different people working on a document at one time. Without version control, they would sometimes inadvertently delete sections that someone else had spent hours writing.

In order to provide services faster for their growing clientele base, Rise Interactive needed an intuitive and robust solution to automate contracts and documents. 

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Serving customers faster through workflows, version control and approved templates

With SpringCM, SOWs are written through a process that has a clear beginning and end. Each person that contributes to the SOW is notified when it is time for them to add their contributions, and everyone involved can see exactly where each document is in the cycle.

The Legal department can create templates that include approved language before handing them over to the Sales and Client Services teams. This saves the Legal team valuable time and gives the Sales team an easier way to create and deliver SOWs to clients. Rise is accelerating revenue, serving clients faster and benefits from total visibility into any bottlenecks or problems that might hold up their process.

“SpringCM gives us the visibility and accountability within the contract process to move faster, close business faster and get revenue in the door faster.”

VP, Counsel

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