POPSUGAR Inc. is a global media and technology company including lifestyle media publisher POPSUGAR, digital shopping platform ShopStyle, and monthly subscription box POPSUGAR Must Have. Together, the brands attract 100 million monthly visitors worldwide, and inform, entertain, and inspire action through their content and commerce.

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“The searchability is huge. One of the main problems that any document management tool has is finding information and SpringCM does a great job with that.”


Senior Director of IT

Contracts were expiring without notification

POPSUGAR’s goal was to develop a system to better manage their documents, which included vendor contracts, legal documents, and non-disclosure agreements. Multiple times per month, contracts were expiring or renewing without advanced warning to POPSUGAR’s legal or finance teams. This impacted POPSUGAR’s ability to negotiate contracts and stay ahead of auto-renewals.

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A Central Document Repository and Easy Searching

With SpringCM, POPSUGAR has a more efficient business process that allows users to quickly and easily access what they need from a single, secure and searchable cloud repository. They no longer miss deadlines on expiring contracts and are able to proactively negotiate contracts with vendors. 

Since implementing SpringCM the IT department and Bjorn's personal reputation have been boosted. “I want a solution that makes my team look like the champions and SpringCM has been a great partner for that. It says a lot for my team and my career that we have a solution that has lasted for years," said Bjorn. 

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