NCR Corporation is the world leader in consumer transaction technologies. They are using SpringCM to automate the global partner onboarding experience and have reduced their contract time to completion by 75%.

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“Creating and sending a standard agreement takes less than five minutes. After sending, I'll go get a cup of coffee, come back, and it’s been to Kenya - Ireland - and back to Atlanta, signed by three people around the globe.”

steve lorenzen

Channel Operations Specialist

Building a new partner program to accelerate the sales and contract process

NCR came to SpringCM with a non-standardized process for onboarding their global partners. Simple and complex contracts for partners were treated the same way, and with 60 new partners onboarded each year, NCR was spending too much time on smaller, non-negotiated contracts.

They also lacked a self-serve option or visibility into the contract lifecycle. The sales reps were going directly to the lawyers to create a contract for each customer at the close of a deal, whether they needed to be negotiated or not. This tied the legal department up in unnecessary administrative work and extended the sales cycle.

NCR Onboarding
SpringCM Workflow Designer

Standardizing the contract process to reduce the strain on Sales and Legal

The standardizing of the contract process eliminated unnecessary steps for smaller partners allowed NCR to decrease their time to close by 75%.

The self-serve workflow process freed up NCR sales team so they could focus on selling. The centralized repository has given the sales and legal teams the assurance that contracts are approved, signed, and housed in one central location. Finally, the level of security that SpringCM was able to provide gave compliance and legal the confidence they needed that their documents would not be compromised.

“I love SpringCM so much - and it’s always getting better”

Channel Operations Specialist

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