NCR Corporation

The world leader in consumer transaction technologies

NCR Corporation is the world leader in consumer transaction technologies. With their software, hardware and portfolio of services, they make more than 550 million transactions daily across retail, financial, travel, hospitality, telecom and technology and small business.

The goal: centralize global operations

Building a new partner program to accelerate the sales and contract process

After moving their HQ to Atlanta, NCR was focused on creating a standardized global application process for customers using their digital banking solutions. Frustrated with the existing process, the Director of US Retail Operations discovered SpringCM as an answer to the time it was taking for contracts to be produced in the US - plus the additional 160 countries that NCR conducts business with.

The main goal was to create a standard template and self-serve application process for their partners. Additionally, NCR was looking to accelerate their sales velocity and shorten the time spent on the contract process, which was an average of three weeks for each customer.

The sales team needed to get deals done faster so they could expand their business.

The challenge: non-standardized onboarding process

Automating partner contracts in order to free up the legal department

NCR came to SpringCM, with an inefficient, non-standardized way of onboarding their global partners. Simple and complex contracts for partners were treated and processed in the same way, which was inefficient. With 60 new partners onboarded each year, NCR was spending too much time on smaller contracts that didn’t require negotiation or a custom contract.

There was also no self-serve option and no visibility into the contract lifecycle, which NCR needed since they were doing deals globally. The sales reps were going directly to the lawyers to create a contract for each customer at the close of a deal, whether they needed to be negotiated or not. This tied the legal department up in unnecessary administrative work and extended the sales cycle.

“I love the tool so much - and it’s always getting better”

The solution: secure and seamless integration into salesforce

Building an ultra secure central repository for documents and contracts

The biggest reason NCR chose SpringCM was the level of accommodation and flexibility the platform offered from a global IT security perspective.

For example, when NCR needed a higher CAPTCHA security level while building the SpringCM hosted eForm for their partners, SpringCM upgraded the security level on the platform. This solved a major hurdle that NCR and other SpringCM customers were facing.

Additionally, NCR was already using Salesforce and in the midst of a revamp of their system, so SpringCM was a natural choice for the seamless integration into their Salesforce platform.

Steve Lorenzen, Channel Operations Specialist, remembers the implementation process to be problem-free: “These guys know what they’re doing. They’ve done a lot of implementations. They have solutions to problems and ideas that you’ve never even had yet. Use the implementation process as an opportunity to reevaluate your company’s process and lean heavily on SpringCM’s knowledge and expertise.”

“Creating and sending a standard agreement takes less than five minutes. After sending, I'll go get a cup of coffee, come back, and it’s been to Kenya - Ireland - and back to Atlanta, signed by three people around the globe”
-Steve Lorenzen, Channel Operations Specialist

The results: reducing contract process from three weeks to three days

Moving from 80% of contracts requiring negotiation down to only 5%

The standardizing of the contracts processes - which eliminated unnecessary steps for smaller partners and allowed the partner to apply, receive a standard contract, and close the deal -  allowed NCR to decrease their contracts process from three weeks to three days or less.

They have gone from 80% of their contracts being unique down to only 5% of all agreements requiring negotiation.

The self-serve workflow process freed up NCR sales team so they could focus on selling and provided faster turnaround in the application process. The centralized repository has given the sales and legal teams the assurance that contracts are approved, signed, and housed in one central location.

Finally, the level of security that SpringCM was able to provide gave compliance and legal the confidence they needed that their documents would not be compromised.

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