Life & Specialty Ventures (LSV) was founded by two Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) organizations. Their products are underwritten by USAble Life and Florida Combined Life, independent life, accident and health insurance companies which are solely responsible for the products and services provided to their customers.

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Expanding the network of Dental Providers across four states

LSV's goal was to decrease the costs and time it took to contact, credential, and execute contracts with dental providers located in four states. They needed to automate all related processes as much as possible, make the data accessible to all LSV sites and BCBS plans, and move the remote employees away from paper and faxes onto mobile devices.

In addition, they had 40-day average response time to settle medical committee issues, which needed to be reduced in order to increase customer satisfaction. 

Mobile Approvals
LSV Doctors

Lowering costs and improving efficiencies to create a competitive advantage

The integration of SpringCM and Salesforce was a winning solution for LSV. SpringCM was able to provide a centralized repository for documents, which created greater efficiency and reduced the time to settle medical committee issues from 40 days to less than 25 days. The solution created a standardized process resulting in fewer errors with minimal upfront investment and economies of scale that keep costs very low.

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