Decision Resources Group

A global information and technology services company providing high-value healthcare industry analysis and insights

As the leading provider in healthcare analytics, Decision Resources Group (DRG) came to SpringCM in need of a central repository where contracts could easily be searched, as well as ability to view a complete audit history. This needed to integrate seamlessly with their current tools, Salesforce and DocuSign.

The goal: bringing 10 newly acquired companies onto the same platform

Expand contract visibility to accelerate sales productivity

DRG had recently acquired 10 other companies that were brought together to provide more complete solutions to their customers. They needed a way to bring these new business units onto the same platform in order to expand contract visibility to all departments and also accelerate sales productivity.

Their previous platform, Microsoft Dynamics, had become a big drag on sales efficiency because their team had no visibility into critical data across the new business units and the quoting process was very time-consuming. Even simple reports required IT’s support with a 3-week turnaround time!

The challenge: no visibility into the sales process, slowing down efficiency

Legal needed access to contracts, without needing a Salesforce license

Initially, DRG identified Salesforce as a crucial platform for uniting their newly acquired businesses and to replace Dynamics. They identified the Salesforce Sales Cloud to drive sales efficiency, plus other Salesforce-native applications like Pardot for automated marketing, SteelBrick to speed up the CPQ process, and DocuSign to leverage electronic signatures.

However, after reviewing Salesforce and Steelbrick, their legal department realized that the platform still did not address contract reviews. Also, Legal could not access contracts in Salesforce without a license and needed a way to do so. 

DRG decided they could not implement Salesforce SteelBrick without a contract management component.

Specifically, Salesforce SteelBrick did not have a tool that could manage contract negotiations and redlines. Legal needed to be able to access contracts - including third-party contracts - and  without needing a Salesforce license, which executives viewed as critical to their business. Their legal team needed version control and full visibility into the contract’s history in order to manage past and current terms, something Apttus and other Salesforce solutions did not have.

DRG was able to implement SpringCM - alongside Salesforce Sales Cloud, SteelBrick, Pardot and DocuSign - and standardize their contract process within three months. 

The solution: a contract tool that integrates flawlessly with existing applications

A streamlines quote-to-cash process, all within the Salesforce environment

DRG chose SpringCM for its seamless integration with the Salesforce platform. With an automated contract solution, their selling process could seamlessly move from quote - to contract - to signature, ALL within the Salesforce environment, filling a major void in their quote-to-cash chain.

After viewing a SpringCM demo, DRG was impressed, having felt as if they had never left the Salesforce platform. On top of that, SpringCM now provides a central repository empowering Legal to access contracts, as well as third-party contracts, building a bridge to other departments that may not currently have a Salesforce license.

With SpringCM, DRG accelerated their sales process and is now delivering up to 400 contracts every month.

The result: a unified business process that relieves friction between Sales and Legal

SpringCM was quick to implement, so DRG could deliver more contracts, faster

SpringCM was the missing link that unified all of DRG’s business units and departments onto one platform. Legal can now quickly search through each contract’s history and confirm they always have all the information around their contracts.

DRG found that SpringCM was easy to implement, allowing them to standardize their contract process within 3 months, even as they implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud, SteelBrick, Pardot and DocuSign at the same time.

With SpringCM, DRG accelerated their sales process, eliminated friction between departments and are serving customers faster, delivering up to 400 contracts every month.

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