Representing more than $400 billion in assets in the innovative FinTech industry

Addepar is a fast-growing investment management company with over 160 clients and representing more than $400 billion. They needed a contract management solution that would grow with them and continue to accelerate their business.

The goal: a contract system to scale with Addepar’s fast-paced growth

Streamline the internal contract process to reduce risk and improve the customer experience

Addepar found themselves growing out of their previous contract process. They were hiring more employees and their processes were evolving, so they needed a contract process that could evolve with them. 

The company was looking for a contract solution that could integrate with their existing Salesforce platform to help streamline internal processes, as well as reduce risk and accelerate the sales experience for their clients.

The challenge: manual tools leaving contracts prone to delays and risks

Employees lacked visibility into contract reviews, approvals and renewals

Addepar lacked any visibility into their contract lifecycle, including where the contract was or who had it. Everything was done manually, making their process prone to delays and errors. They had problems controlling contract versioning and approvals because they relied heavily on email. Sales had to email Legal to request a contract, leaving Legal to send more emails to collect all of the contract information. 

Contracts were then emailed to the finance department, then sent back to the sales rep who could then finally review and send the contract.

Sales reps also relied on paper and ink signatures, requiring both themselves and the customer to scan, upload and print the contract in order to sign it. Since contracts were not attached to opportunities within Salesforce, employees had a hard time finding the original contract when it was up for renewal.

“Scalability was the #1 thing we were looking for in a solution - it had to be able to grow with us. SpringCM gives us that assurance”

The solution: SpringCM + Salesforce to bring teams onto one platform and increase efficiency

Addepar felt SpringCM understood how a small business operates

Prior to finding SpringCM, Addepar was looking at Apttus as a contract solution, but felt that their product was only suited for much larger companies, and were being nickel and dimed. As a small business, Addepar felt that SpringCM shared their same core values of customer service.

SpringCM provided a central repository that housed all their contract information and also integrated seamlessly with Salesforce, but also can work by itself, so it could be used to manage internal documents such as sales rep letters, commission plans and internal employee documents. With contracts and other documents housed in one place, there was no need to use email to request, review and sign contracts. Employees at Addepar could use SpringCM to create customized workflows according to the specific contract.

“SpringCM looks at us like a partner… they get us and the way our business works”
-Moneil Patel, Senior Director Business Operations

The results: generating and reviewing contracts is less than half the time

Employees got behind SpringCM and noticed the benefits just months into implementation

Employee buy-in was not a problem for employees at Addepar. After their sales reps first used SpringCM to sign their commission agreements, the platform won them over. SpringCM’s support with electronic signatures eliminated the need for paper and ink, and cut hours, even days out of the signature process alone. 

Instead of having to track down customers to sign agreements, their 20 contracts per quarter are signed electronically, from any device. Only months into implementing SpringCM, Addepar has dramatically increased productivity by cutting their contract generation and review process from 4 days to just 1 day.

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