Salesforce Content Management

Content management designed for your sales team. Start in Salesforce and stay in Salesforce.

What’s lost when a sales rep has to leave Salesforce to find a piece of content for a prospect? Time. Both your sales rep’s time and the prospect’s. And in today’s business environment, protecting your sales team’s time is more crucial than ever before. Salesforce is great at managing your organization’s data, but when it comes to providing your reps with powerful content management functionality, Salesforce comes up short.

With SpringCM for Salesforce Content:

You can add and organize content from any Opportunity or Account within Salesforce

Then you can share it with both private and public links. SpringCM bridges the gap between Salesforce and non-Salesforce users in your organization by giving them both access to business-critical content.

Love how much you’re getting done with SpringCM for Salesforce? Continue to boost your productivity outside of the office with SpringCM mobile access.