Customer Highlight: TWG Embraces Document Management Efficiency

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document management efficiency

What if your business needed to go from zero to 60 in under 3 seconds?

Let's say you need a tech solution, right now. Two months to go live. Where do you turn? After all, while it's tempting, a new Bugatti probably won't get you on track.

The Warranty Group, the world’s premier provider of extended service plans and related benefits, ran into this very problem in 2016. Providing underwriting, claims administration and marketing expertise, The Warranty Group is a global, single-source solution for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of consumer goods. As it began its work on a major digital transformation (which included building a cloud insurance platform with Salesforce at the center), TWG onboarded a major credit card company as a new customer, causing a need for acceleration to hyperspeed.

The Warranty Group's Race to Document Management Efficiency

The onboarded company began using TWG as a call center. That meant TWG needed to store and generate a significant volume of documents, such as those that consumers send in when filing a claim. Routing that vast of a trove of documents through workflows and approvals — and allowing for complete access in Salesforce so each agent could pull up the appropriate paperwork quickly and easily — became a "right-now" priority. 

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Implementation had to be Bugatti fast. Pulling up a claim while on the phone with a customer? Lightning speed. Efficiency, encryption level and integration were top of mind as TWG began the search for a solution that would help them manage a massive volume of sensitive consumer documents. When they found SpringCM, they went from signed contract to live on the platform in just two months.

Chakra Danda, director, Cloud IT at The Warranty Group, said platform innovation from a partner allows TWG to focus on its own efforts. "Right now we're going through a major digital transition. We aren't in the business of document management. When the (platform) innovation comes from (SpringCM) and we can focus on our business, then both can come together and we can go to market faster."

Results include cost savings (generated in the call center by spending less time on a phone call, for example), higher productivity and increased efficiency. Perhaps a more hidden result, though, is an increased chance of employee success and customer satisfaction. Said Danda, "Our CSR managers or even our operations managers (need to be) able to get to the documents. They're on the road, trying to sell and they have to pull a document; they should be able to pull it up really fast and get it to the customer."

Through implementing a fast, reliable, secure and Salesforce-integrated document management solution, The Warranty Group achieved a set of valuable goals: quick time to market, increased efficiency and, ultimately, growth. With SpringCM, TWG was able to onboard their major credit card customer faster, as well as move forward on their digital transformation with Salesforce at the center of the platform.

In less than a year, TWG has expanded its use of SpringCM across the organization, doubling their license count and storage needs. They are also using SpringCM globally — in the UK, APEC and Latin America.

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