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Workflow February 21, 2018

Here’s How SpringCM Defines Workflow

You probably hear the phrase thrown around a lot: “We need to streamline our workflow,” “That’s a complex workflow process,” or “There’s a lot of workflow between Sales and Legal.” As an account executive at SpringCM, I’ve learned that what one person means by workflow may be different from how SpringCM defines workflow. So, what does SpringCM...

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May 13, 2016

Redlining: More Than Just One Step in the Contract Lifecycle

When I speak with people about contract management software, they often mistake it as just a redlining tool. By definition, redlining is the process of two or more people adding, redacting, or... Continue Reading


March 17, 2016

Sales Pro Tip: Centralize Contracts to Accelerate Approvals and Signatures

During the sales cycle, there is an assumption that getting a contract approved or signed should be the fastest step because it simply involves someone looking at the document and performing one... Continue Reading


February 5, 2016

Contract Renewal Checklist (And How to Shorten the Process)

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the average number of contracts at an organization is between 20,000 - 40,000. Contracts are a main source of revenue, so why would a business risk contract... Continue Reading


December 30, 2015

How To Shorten The Contract Cycle

The majority of businesses rely on contracts to forecast and eventually attain revenue. How that process is managed can decide whether a business is reaching its full potential. The longer the... Continue Reading

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December 16, 2015

How To Find Comfort and Joy (and Quota) in Q4

For a season associated with comfort and joy, it can be anything but comfortable. Christmas is only a week away, you have a shopping list to tackle and still a sales quota to hit. If you’re like... Continue Reading

Document Management

November 11, 2015

SpringCM November 2015 Release: An Interview with VP Product Development

Doc Launcher by SpringCM went live on Friday as part of the November 2015 release. So I sat down with the Steven Jones, Vice President of Product Development at SpringCM, to find out what it means... Continue Reading


November 4, 2015

Video: Tracking a Contract to Close

As sales teams enter Q4, there is more anxiety building up around quotas. With only days or weeks left to close those big deals, it can become a scramble and that can leave the window open to... Continue Reading


October 23, 2015

‘Time is Money’ Part 1: Cutting Contract Costs During Legal Review

Companies big and small are looking for ways to trim the fat and save money in their contract processes to increase their overall revenue. When it comes to cutting the cost of contract management,... Continue Reading


October 14, 2015

A Small business Guide to meeting quotas

Now that we’re midway through October, it’s time to start thinking about end-of-the-year deadlines. It happens every year; sales teams begin to notice they are slipping behind their quotas for the... Continue Reading