SpringCM Fueling Hyper-Growth for Forbes Cloud 100

By Jeffrey Piper

  October 7, 2016        Customers, Technology

Congratulations to the Forbes Cloud 100 inaugural members!  

The list recognizes cloud companies for their financial health and growth of their business, as well as factors like customer adoption and satisfaction.

So what do these privately-held companies have in common besides being top rated in this latest Forbes ranking? Well, for starters, 25 percent of them manage their sales contract management process using SpringCM!  Standouts such as Cylance, Carbon Black, Anaplan, Acquia, Duo Security and many more are creating, negotiating and e-signing contracts using SpringCM’s contract management solution. In addition, these companies have integrated SpringCM with Salesforce.com and are seeing some amazing results: 9 percent revenue growth, 75 percent faster contracting cycles, and 25 percent increase in obligation managmeent compliance to name a few of the benefits.

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How to Get Control of Your Contracts

By Karry Kleeman

  September 2, 2016        Technology, Contract Management

At SpringCM we are all about helping other businesses accelerate their Digital Transformation in order to create a more efficient workplace and a better customer experience. That means using technology to empower all employees - not just in IT - to improve their overall productivity, speed and agility. This idea couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to how businesses are managing contracts.

Almost 50 percent of sales professionals surveyed in SpringCM’s 2016 Contract Management Report said their contract process lasts over a month, holding their business back from revenue and opportunities for more deals.  

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) has emerged as a critical business processes that eliminates extra steps and drawn-out tasks involved in the contract process and speeds up the overallsales cycle. In fact, NCR was able to cut down their contract process by 75 percent after leveraging SpringCM’s CLM solution.

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Don’t Be Complacent With Your Security

By Chris King

  August 1, 2016        Technology, Security

The Black Hat USA conference kicks off in Las Vegas this week, where professionals from all industries will gather to share the latest in security research, development and trends.

Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in courses on penetration testing, aimed to exploit web applications and reveal possible vulnerabilities to cyber attacks. Subject matter experts from around the world will share their views on defining and defending the information security landscape.

It’s all about keeping crucial and sensitive information from going into the wrong hands.

For Cloud Service Providers (CSP) handling important client information, whether it’s contracts, financial records or applications, they need to be confident that this information is safe and secure.

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Report Highlights SpringCM Push for Digital Transformation

By Greg Buchholz

  July 29, 2016        Technology, SpringCM

Here at SpringCM, contract lifecycle management (CLM) is something we take pretty seriously. You might even say we’re obsessed! Which is why we’re not terribly surprised when the industry takes notice of the great work our customers already know we do. Earlier this week, the Forrester Wave report on contract lifecycle management solutions was released. Not surprisingly, SpringCM garnered some very impressive coverage:

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The Future is Here

By Antonis Papatsaras

  July 12, 2016        Technology

Technology has come a long way in the past 15 years. Smartphones, cloud computing, and the connected world have changed the way we live our lives and do business on a daily basis.

Think about this; the term phone no longer just refers to a device where you can make and receive calls. It’s an entire communications hub from text messages, to video conferencing, to social media and business applications. Today, quite a bit of our work, business or personal, is conducted via our smartphones.

So where does technology go from here? How can we improve technology to make business, and our everyday lives even better?

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5 Ways to Fix an Outdated Contract Management Process

By Nick Moffitt

  February 2, 2016        Technology, Contract Management

In today’s selling world, technology has become a key attribute of a successful salesperson.

With new technology enabling salespeople to close more deals in less time, sellers who are slow to adopt new technology are becoming “contract management dinosaurs,” suffering from extended contract lifecycles and limited revenue.

According to the Salesforce 2015 State of Sales report, high-performing sales teams use nearly 3 times as much sales technology than underperforming teams, and are 8 times more likely to be heavy tech adopters than underperformers.

To help you avoid the ways of the contract management dinosaur, here are the 5 most outdated contract management tools and the best practices that can get the job done faster, without sacrificing accuracy.

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Leveraging CRM to Maximize Contract Collaboration

By Tyler Kleeman

  January 27, 2016        Technology, Contract Management

When it comes to the sales process, customer relationship management tools (CRM) are crucial to storing and sharing pertinent customer data, but is it the best place for your contracts?

Tools that work 100% within the walls of a CRM are called native applications. Working solely within a CRM can make the job easier for some departments: salespeople feel comfortable working with it  because it’s a familiar platform which can automate repetitive tasks and analyze customer data. IT teams are given a security platform they understand, and developers can get their applications to market faster because the platform reduces coding time and infrastructure overhead.

However, if your company relies on contracts for revenue, using only native applications can make the contract process a nightmare for other departments. That’s because some departments, like Legal and Finance, don’t have licenses to a CRM. This could mean a slower contract lifecycle and a slower path to revenue for your company.

So how can you leverage the benefits of your CRM, while reaching beyond its limitations?

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3 Ways to Take Control of Technology and Make it Work for You

By Andy Roe

  October 26, 2015        Technology

We’re all looking for that slight edge when it comes to productivity. How can we get just a little bit more done in a little bit less time.

Many of us turn to technology to make things easier and help us get organized. But as you’ve probably experienced, it can be very much a double-edged sword. How often does your day get derailed by an influx of urgent emails or, worse, nastygrams?

How often are you distracted, be at it home or the office, by social media? Ever find yourself desperately struggling to pull up a key document on your phone that’s buried in there somewhere?

When used correctly, technology is great. Apps, social media, plugins – these can be amazing tools. But you have to get control if you want to use technology to your advantage.

In a recent survey, SurePayroll asked small business owners to rank their favorite tech tools and give us some insight on how use them to be more productive.

These are the top 3 takeaways:

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How to evaluate a SaaS solution

By Greg Adams

  February 5, 2015        Technology

There are a number of ways to go about evaluating software solutions. One of the most prevalent trends in the SaaS movement is the idea that administration of the purchased solution should be simple and intuitive, and able to be owned by the line of business rather than IT. The easy administration theory applies for the entire lifecycle of ownership. It ends up nesting itself in a number of different ways as outlined below, and should be a key component of any buying cycle. 
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Moving to Cloud Computing: Why HTTP tracing tools are essential

By Chris King

  September 26, 2014        Technology

A few years ago, I read an article in InfoWorld by Paul Venezia (@pvenezia) that covered some interesting topics: 

  • Most bottlenecks and related issues can be diagnosed by going to the packet trace
  • Packet tracing Ethernet is becoming a "dark art"and we need to encourage teams to keep these skills honed

I've been delivering enterprise, browser-based applications for 15 years now. As I get more involved in our larger client implementations, I'm finding this observation holds true for HTTP tracing. 

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