SpringCM 2016 Year in Review

By Team SpringCM

  January 9, 2017        SpringCM Product

2016 was a great year at SpringCM! We introduced several new features to help you work smarter and faster. As we look forward to 2017, we want to reprise some of last year’s highlights - just in case you missed them!

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SpringCM January Release: “Usability Improvements Across the Board”

By John Dickow

  January 22, 2016        SpringCM Product

In the last year, SpringCM has released groundbreaking products to expand its content management platform. After speaking with Steven Jones, VP of Product Development, it looks like SpringCM is poised to have yet another big year.

JD: For this month’s release, you’re not talking about just one product?

SJ: That’s right, this month we’re focused on usability improvements across the board. We’ve ended an incredible year of innovation for SpringCM. For January, we’re moving the platform forward on many fronts, with our new Microsoft 365 Add-In to assist in document creation and clause management, and further enhancements to our products already on the AppExchange, File It and Track It.

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3 Reasons Your Calendar Can’t Manage Contracts

By Nick Moffitt

  December 7, 2015        Contract Management, SpringCM Product

It’s in every company’s best interest to save money. But not all companies seem to realize that by saving money in some areas, you could be losing money in other areas.

Brodies LLP, Scotland largest law firm, said in a recent survey that “66% of businesses are putting themselves at risk of missing deadlines, wasting money on outdated commercial agreements, or being forced into expensive litigation because they are not managing their contracts effectively.”

What could be more telling, is that 57% rely on spreadsheets, online calendars and paper filing to keep track of contracts.

We’ve already talked about the dangers of managing contracts with spreadsheets, so now I’ll explain why using online calendars can be deceiving.

The function of an online calendar seems to make sense: allowing you to map out important deadlines and setting up alerts when you need to be reminded to complete a task.

Unfortunately, contract management is not that simple:

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4 Ways a Contract Management Solution Can Benefit Your Legal Department

By Team SpringCM

  August 27, 2015        Contract Management, Legal, SpringCM Product

contractIt’s a common question we get from legal departments: how can we benefit from a contract management solution? The thought of investing in another software could feel like just another expense. Considering the alternatives, you could hire another employee to manually deal with the contract process, but that’s even more expensive. When you look at the manual process side-by-side with contract management software, you’ll see the benefits don’t only include cost.

Here are four ways your legal department can benefit from a contract management solution:

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SpringCM's June 2015 Release: An Interview With VP Product Development

By Katie Gutwein

  June 12, 2015        SpringCM Product

SpringCM's June 2015 Release is set to go live tomorrow. I sat down with VP Product Development, Steven Jones, to get the skinny on all the changes our customers can expect to see.

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Contract Lifecycle Management Software Pricing: What's the Most Inexpensive

By Karry Kleeman

  May 26, 2015        Contract Management, SpringCM Product

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the proactive, methodical management of a contract. CLM software is a tool that helps automate that process.

When evaluating tools, price is always a topic of conversation and purchasing the most inexpensive CLM software isn’t always the best option.

When you reach 5-10 people involved in the contract process, you’re ready. That could mean 5-10 sellers, or five salespeople, one legal, and a sales operations person, etc. Look for contract management technology that is affordable, can be implemented in record speed, and offers significant time savings and productivity increases almost overnight.

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SaaS Security Essentials for Legal

By Milton L. Petersen

  May 7, 2015        Contract Management, SpringCM Product

There was a time when almost all computer software was delivered to customers or licensees on disks or some other type of portable media, and then installed on individual computers at the customer’s location. Under this traditional software licensing model, software licenses and usage rights were generally measured and limited by readily identifiable physical parameters (for example, a specified number of sites, servers, workstations, or “seats” ), generally making it relatively easy for the customer (or for the software licensor) to monitor or verify compliance with the license and rights that the customer had purchased to the software.

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SpringCM's March 2015 Release: An Interview with VP Product Development

By Katie Gutwein

  March 13, 2015        SpringCM Product

On this blog, we shy away from talking about ourselves. The content we share is typically educational with little to no mention of SpringCM. But once in awhile, we do like to give our readers some insight into what's going on behind the scenes. 

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