Project Unite: Fast-Tracking Lead-to-Cash

By Mitch Gouss

  September 16, 2016        SpringCM Partners, Events

Our partners in the EMEA wrote this great article about Project Unite, comparing the mini-ecosystem of lead-to-cash applications to the Tour de France. I thought it was a clever way of explaining our mission and what we’re providing to customers.

Here in the U.S., we like to compare Project Unite to another popular sport: NASCAR racing.

Project Unite began this year as four best-in-class solutions that work together under Salesforce to accelerate the quote-to-cash process, including SteelBrick (now Salesforce CPQ), SpringCM, DocuSign and Xactly. Just like the Daytona 500, it’s been a long haul, and with the additions of Sage, NewVoiceMedia and CloudSocius, Project Unite is picking up speed.

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Three Ways CLM Helps Complete Your CPQ Investment

By Greg Adams

  September 9, 2016        SpringCM Partners, Contract Management

Where has the year gone? I wrote back in January about the implications of the Salesforce acquisition of SteelBrick, and how the Salesforce Quote-to-Cash partner ecosystem would be shaken by that acquisition. It’s been three quarters of a year, and here we are on the verge of Dreamforce. With SteelBrick now (mostly) rebranded as Salesforce CPQ, the Dreamforce ISV floor will certainly have a different look and feel from prior years, as formerly grand marketing displays from Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) vendors likely get scaled back.

What won’t be scaled back at this year’s Dreamforce is SpringCM’s presence as a leading player in the Salesforce Quote-to-Cash ecosystem. Over the last year, I’ve seen some really impressive results from my counterparts over at SteelBrick, who have been extremely successful in promoting their solution as the de facto standard for CPQ in the Salesforce Q2C ecosystem. What has also been fun to witness is how instrumental SpringCM has been at facilitating the success of some of those SteelBrick implementations, and how much value CLM and CPQ can deliver for customers seeking the maximum return on their CPQ investment. As Dreamforce approaches, whether you’re a SteelBrick customer currently, or a potential SteelBrick customer, here are a few areas where a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) investment can help ensure your sales process fires on all cylinders.

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SFWT: Grow Faster with Connected Sales and Service

By John Dickow

  March 24, 2016        SpringCM Partners, Sales Enablement

McCormick Place in Chicago is bustling this afternoon with Salesforce customers and partners, all with a similar goal; sell more in less time.

A major theme at today’s Salesforce World Tour in Chicago is customer service. In fact, according to Todd Enders, Sr. Director of the Service Cloud, customer service trumps both price and product in today’s selling world. It’s now seen as the number one way to acquire and retain revenue.

In Enders’ breakout session, “Grow Your Business By Connecting Sales and Service,” he spotlights the changing customer service landscape and provides actionable steps for businesses to keep up, and continue growing.

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How The Steelbrick Acquisition is Changing the Quote-to-Cash Landscape

By Mike Festa

  February 22, 2016        SpringCM Partners, Contract Management

When news broke over the holidays that Salesforce was going to acquire CPQ vendor SteelBrick, social media went crazy over what this could mean for other applications in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff recently spoke about why his company decided to buy SteelBrick. While his reasoning only went as far as calling it the “best example of an ISV” on the Salesforce platform, Benioff did admit that the acquisition has implications for the Salesforce ecosystem. 

As the story continues to unfold, here’s how I see this acquisition affecting the quote-to-cash market, and the competition in the AppExchange:

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Quote-to-Cash Ecosystem Salesforce Purchased SteelBrick: Now What?

By Greg Adams

  January 15, 2016        SpringCM Partners, Sales Enablement

With the purchase of SteelBrick last month, Salesforce is changing the landscape of the quote-to-cash ecosystem. As the dust settles, there will be huge implications for those companies who compete within, and define a very large component of, the Partner Ecosystem that Salesforce has spawned.

Options for Salesforce end-users will also be affected, requiring users to consider their tools in the AppExchange and how they integrate quote-to-cash with contract lifecycle management.

As a Sales Engineer in the red hot Quote-to-Cash Ecosystem, I’ve been privy to the technical architecture of many leading app providers. As someone who will be greatly impacted by what happens next, I’m following how the market reacts.


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10 Toasts for 10 Years: Happy Anniversary AppExchange

By Team SpringCM

  January 14, 2016        SpringCM Partners

The Salesforce AppExchange has come a long way in its first 10 years, and SpringCM has been privileged to share in its evolution and success.

If you’re not familiar, here’s some background: Launched in 2006, the AppExchange is now the #1 business app marketplace in the world with 3 million installs and 55,000 reviews. For the last 6 years SpringCM has been on the AppExchange and has evolved along with it, becoming the most highly-rated contract management solution in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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The Anatomy of Implementing Contract Management

By Jeffrey Piper

  December 11, 2015        SpringCM Partners, Contract Management

There have been a few posts on this blog over how to implement your new contract management solution. It can be a complex process to explain, since every company has unique needs and could be using the solution in different ways.

It’s hard to wean employees off old practices. You’re working against an established company culture, veteran employes who’ve “always done it this way,” and knowledge gaps in office technology.

A few weeks back we explained all the steps it takes just to prepare for your new solution. Now, let’s look at the next step: rolling out the new solution.

Fully implementing a contract management solution can take time, depending on the size of the company. This process requires configuring each of your requirements piece by piece. Since things change over time, you could find yourself repeating steps if you try to configure everything at once.

A successful rollout can be defined in three main phases, no matter the size of the company.

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A Salesperson’s Guide To Salesforce World Tour: Atlanta

By John Dickow

  December 8, 2015        Customers, SpringCM Partners

SpringCM is on its way to Atlanta for the Salesforce World Tour! Tomorrow, the Cobb Galleria will be bustling with Salesforce executives, industry-leading customers and product experts all with one goal in mind: finding new ways to connect to customers.

We write a lot on this blog about what salespeople can do to increase sales numbers and revenue by enhancing the customer experience. Knowing salespeople have a huge stake in the customer experience, we’re helping sellers get the most out of the Salesforce World Tour tomorrow.

A seller’s attitude towards customer service is what can make or break a deal; from providing a clear, streamlined buying process, to delivering on the promise and retaining that customer for future business.

Here’s a quick guide on what salespeople MUST attend in at Salesforce World Tour:

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Implementing a Contract Management Solution Step 1: Getting Ready

By Matt Eichstedt

  November 13, 2015        SpringCM Partners, Contract Management

So your company has pulled the trigger and invested in an automated contract management solution. Finally, your company has an answer to contract delays and risks, and now looking forward to an accurate, accelerated contract process.

It’s a solution that will empower your sales team to be more productive and alleviate the anxiety behind closing contracts on time. Now you reach the next challenge: getting your company to adopt the new solution.

Change can be difficult, especially for sales teams who are set in their ways. It’s hard to get anyone in a well-established company culture to change.

This blog is the first in a series that will take you through the steps of implementing a contract management solution, from preparation to innovation.

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Rallying Employees Behind a Contract Management Solution

By Katie Lameti

  October 16, 2015        SpringCM Partners, Contract Management

So you’ve been looking for ways to improve your company’s contract management process and you finally found it. But there’s another problem: how can you rally employees to learn a new platform? Employees might be thinking, “Yes, we’re looking for a solution to save us time managing contracts, but what’s the point when we waste so much time learning it?”

Changing the culture at a company can be a hard task. Change, in any case, is difficult. A company’s culture is ingrained and supported through management and employees.

When I speak with customers about concerns adopting a contract management solution, it’s because they’re short on resources (i.e. personnel and time). Employees feel like they are spread thin, and when they need to invest more time in learning a new solution, it can feel impossible (albeit the solution will save time in the long run). Meanwhile, managers feel discouraged investing in a solution if they think it will go unused.

There are steps you can take to ease the adoption process. Customers who have been most successful in implementing a contract management solution do the following things:

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