Don’t Be Complacent With Your Security

By Chris King

  August 1, 2016        Technology, Security

The Black Hat USA conference kicks off in Las Vegas this week, where professionals from all industries will gather to share the latest in security research, development and trends.

Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in courses on penetration testing, aimed to exploit web applications and reveal possible vulnerabilities to cyber attacks. Subject matter experts from around the world will share their views on defining and defending the information security landscape.

It’s all about keeping crucial and sensitive information from going into the wrong hands.

For Cloud Service Providers (CSP) handling important client information, whether it’s contracts, financial records or applications, they need to be confident that this information is safe and secure.

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5 Contract Management Security Questions you Should Be Asking

By Jordan Watts

  June 22, 2015        Security, Contract Management

As a Senior Account Executive at SpringCM, I work with all types of customers. I like to take a consultative approach, helping to guide my customers through their decision making process.

In almost all of my conversations, security comes up at some point. Most commonly, “Are my contracts secure in the cloud?” If you’re evaluating a contract management solution — specifically one that’s in the cloud — it’s likely that you have contract management security questions.

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11 Key Benefits and Risks of SaaS Contracts

By Eric S. Freibrun

  May 28, 2015        Security, Legal

This post is the first in a two-part series. It will briefly address some of the principal benefits to users of cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, as well as some of the key business and legal risks to corporate users. The second post will discuss how these risks are typically and fairly addressed during negotiations between cloud software providers and customers. The issues are frequently very complex, but understanding them and properly and reasonably allocating risk between the customer and the cloud provider are critical to arriving at a satisfactory and sustainable agreement.

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How cloud solutions keep it simple for the enterprise

By Antonis Papatsaras

  June 24, 2010        Technology, Security

While the allusion is a bit dated, it seems appropriate for this post on the impact of cloud applications - and in particular enterprise content management cloud applications - on getting projects approved and implemented.

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