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How IT Can Help Eliminate Friction in the Sales Process

In effective contract management (the kind that moves quickly, remains compliant and helps drive business goals forward), every employee has a role to play. But it isn't easy.

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Tips for the Salesperson’s First Time at Dreamforce

If you are a sales rep planning to attend your first Dreamforce this year, be prepared to stay on your feet and talk to a lot of people. This year will be my fifth Dreamforce, and in my experience... Continue Reading

Why Contract Management Matters To Sales Operations

To keep Sales running smooth, sales operations professionals should be checking in on their sales process regularly. Depending on the company, some parts of the process require special attention.... Continue Reading

10 Statistics Every Sales Manager Should Understand

The sales process is complicated and among other things, sales managers must constantly be checking in on their sales process, looking for ways to optimize and accelerate sales productivity. In... Continue Reading

Why Your Sales Team Needs a Contract Management Solution

From the moment I first make contact with a prospect, it’s the beginning of a new relationship. In order for me to make this relationship meaningful to my prospect, I need to stay in control of... Continue Reading

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Memorial Day Weekend: 3 Ways to Take Your Mind Off Sales

It’s the end of the month, and for salespeople, that usually means wrapping up last minute deals to hit your monthly number. This weekend is different, however. That’s because it's Memorial Day,... Continue Reading

5 Slow Zones in the Quote-to-Cash Chain

I hear a lot of buzz about what configure, price, quote (CPQ) can do to help shorten the sales cycle. In fact, Aberdeen Group says businesses can attain a 28% shorter sales cycle with CPQ tools. ... Continue Reading

SFWT: Grow Faster with Connected Sales and Service

McCormick Place in Chicago is bustling this afternoon with Salesforce customers and partners, all with a similar goal; sell more in less time. A major theme at today’s Salesforce World Tour in... Continue Reading

Sales Pro Tip: 4 Ways To Prepare For Contract Renewals

“I’m bleeding money without visibility into these renewals!”  That was my first conversation with the new corporate attorney at an enterprise company. You wouldn’t think that after going through... Continue Reading

Sales Pro Tip: 5 Ways Small Businesses Can Accelerate Contract Reviews

Small businesses are challenged with competing against larger companies with larger budgets.   As a salesperson who is selling contract management software to small businesses, I see a lot of ... Continue Reading