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Four Ways an Automated Contract Process Helps Your Legal Department Mitigate Risk

To begin to manage risk, you must first efficiently find it, and make decisions to effectively control it. In a recent survey, general counsel identified two concerns as their primary focus for... Continue Reading

What’s getting in the way of closing that contract?

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.”   - Industrialist Andrew Carnegie The common... Continue Reading

Accelerating Revenue while Managing Risk

Management applies to so many elements of our working lives; from everyday communications to contracts and projects. Nowhere is there a higher impetus in contract management than that of managing... Continue Reading

Keeping Sales and Legal Aligned, to Keep Your Pipeline Moving

At SpringCM, we’re constantly dealing with contracts and the people who need them. Contract management can be both a blessing and a curse between departments: they can facilitate good... Continue Reading

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A Day in the Life: Corporate Lawyers in the Contract Process

Corporate attorneys are under a lot of pressure. It’s even fair to say the success of a company could rest on their shoulders. Companies of all industries and sizes rely on legal teams to vet their... Continue Reading

4 Ways a Contract Management Solution Can Benefit Your Legal Department

It’s a common question we get from legal departments: how can we benefit from a contract management solution? The thought of investing in another software could feel like just another expense.... Continue Reading

Legal Contract Management: 4 Best Practices

In a previous post, we went over the biggest risks of manually managing all of your legal contracts. These risks can be severe, yet many businesses are still reliant on manual processes to manage... Continue Reading

Bad Contracts: 5 Risks You Didn't Know Exist

Here at SpringCM, we deal with contract management everyday. By getting down in the trenches with contracts, we have become well-versed in the risks associated with them. There are plenty of... Continue Reading

Getting your ducks in a row: How to manage compliance in the contract process

"[Compliance is] the process of adhering to policies and decisions. Policies can be derived from internal directives, procedures and requirements, or from external laws, regulations, standards... Continue Reading