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Tackling Automation Challenges in Today’s Legal Landscape

A business can offer the best product or service in the world, but if its operations aren’t compliant or its contracts aren't correctly negotiated and executed, it's in for serious trouble. ... Continue Reading

11 Key Benefits and Risks of SaaS Contracts

This post is the first in a two-part series. It will briefly address some of the principal benefits to users of cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, as well as some of the key... Continue Reading

The ONLY Technology Plan and Checklist You Will Need to Optimize Your Law Department

Today, you’re evaluated on your ability to deliver the highest level of legal services at the lowest possible cost – and, increasingly, you’re expected to deliver these results quickly. ... Continue Reading

Contracts and Commercial Excellence: Building and Managing an Optimized Contract Lifecycle

Most organizations today manage their contract management function through a combination of skilled lawyers, processes (either manual or automated) and contract management technology (ranging from... Continue Reading

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3 Steps to Improve Contract Collaboration with Legal

It’s in a company’s best interest to shorten the sales cycle, close deals quickly, and make room for more deals and more revenue. This, along with reaching quota and commission, is the ultimate... Continue Reading

How to Improve Communication with Finance

My job goes far beyond data input. As a finance professional, I wear many hats. I consider myself more of a problem solver, paying attention to the tiny details within financial agreements and... Continue Reading

Sales & Legal: Best Frenemies

Do you have someone (or some people) in your life whom you interact with every day on a friendly basis, yet you consider them the bane of your existence? Whether it’s friends, family or coworkers,... Continue Reading

Are Your Contract Signatures Legal?

Companies depend on their contracts to bring in revenue, so it’s imperative that they are carried out and managed legally, and at minimal risk to the company. Typically, companies rely on lawyers... Continue Reading

‘Time is Money’ Part 1: Cutting Contract Costs During Legal Review

Companies big and small are looking for ways to trim the fat and save money in their contract processes to increase their overall revenue. When it comes to cutting the cost of contract management,... Continue Reading