How to Improve Communication with Finance

By Karen Haleem

  January 19, 2016        Legal, Industry

My job goes far beyond data input. As a finance professional, I wear many hats.

I consider myself more of a problem solver, paying attention to the tiny details within financial agreements and making sure all the numbers add up. Failing to do so could mean lost revenue for the company, or inaccurate financial reports that could make it difficult to make business decisions down the road.

Finance must be in the loop with other departments like Sales, HR and Professional Services. We need visibility into deals being closed, new or exiting employees or any other expenses being incurred at the company. This requires crystal-clear communication across departments.

So how can Finance streamline that communication?

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Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud CEO Envisions the Marketing Future

By John Dickow

  October 20, 2015        Industry

CEO of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Scott McCorkle, recently wrote an article in Ad Week, mapping out what he sees as the future of marketing to consumers. In what has been considered a century of masses (mass advertising, mass production, and mass consumption) will now transition to a new focus: the individual consumer.

The Law of One

Media and advertising is shifting to personalization, where audience segments are continuously narrowed down, until there’s just one. McCorkle calls this the Law of One. This shift is well underway, seen in personalized Facebook news feeds and Netflix offerings “recommended for you.” McCorkle calls it, “it’s generation me, without the hippies.”

 “According to Gartner, 89 percent of companies plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016.”

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Cloud content and the IKEA Effect

By Antonis Papatsaras

  June 15, 2010        Technology, Industry

A recent blog post by Mark McDonald provides the basis for insight into one of the challenges in transitioning from on-premise to cloud solutions: getting the various stakeholders in the organization moving in the same direction. 

Some times this can be just the normal resistance to change – it takes some individuals and organizations shorter or longer to adapt to and to adopt new approaches. 

Some times this can be issues, or at least perceived issues, that relate to broader ecosystem requirements, or perhaps investment in end user or IT skills.

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How cloud computing is influencing Federal government innovation

By Greg Buchholz

  May 7, 2010        Industry

We attended the Cloud Computing Summit in Washington DC this week, with partners Acumen and The event, geared toward government IT, was an interesting snapshot of the growing momentum for cloud computing in the Federal government.

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