Introducing G|1 Docs: One Solution to Process Documents in Salesforce

By Steven Jones

  September 30, 2016        Document Management

Salesforce is a critical platform for maintaining customer prospect data. As a leading vendor in contract and document management, we understand better than anyone the challenges many face when it comes to working with content in Salesforce.

As a Salesforce Platinum Partner, we’ve been committed to investing in the platform to make it easier for the Salesforce community to do business.  

With over 2,800 applications available in the AppExchange, it’s not difficult to to find an application that can address a particular need behind processing documents, however the more tools you need, the more time-consuming and complex the it becomes. That’s why SpringCM is pitching in to simplify document processes to help make the entire Salesforce community stronger and optimize their Salesforce investment.

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The Data is Strong in Your Contracts

By John Dickow

  December 17, 2015        Document Management, Contract Management

In approximately 8 hours from publishing this blog post, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will hit theaters.  

You probably know that already, since these movies are so big tonight’s release is rivalling Christmas Day (for me at least).

Maybe it’s me having just binged on the previous 6 Star Wars films (in preparation for tonight), but I’ve noticed the overall theme of the movies are pretty broad and can be applied to many of the challenges we face.

In the Star Wars films, “The Force” is a universal, metaphysical power that controls everything and binds people together. In the end, it’s a balance of power and responsibility. The same lessons can be applied to our lives, at home or at work.

At SpringCM, there is something we treat like The Force. Data is what drives our business decisions and tells us which path to take to reach greater productivity and revenue.

Here are 4 reasons you should treat the data in your contracts like The Force:

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You Can’t Win a Deal on Day 1, But You Can Lose It

By Greg Buchholz

  December 4, 2015        Document Management, Sales Enablement

I played on the golf team while I was in Junior High and High School. It’s considered a team sport, playing matches against other schools, but when it comes to playing the game itself - you’re on your own.

As any golfer would tell you, it’s a mental game and it takes strategy. Did you know that Jordan Spieth (the #1 golfer on the PGA Tour) averaged 68.938 strokes per round, and Bo Van Pelt (#151) averaged 71.497 strokes per round? Jordan was about 2.5 strokes better on average over eighteen holes than Bo, but Jordan took home a whopping $12,030,466 in 2015, while Bo only brought in $580,611. Holy Disparity!

On professional tours they play four rounds, Thursday through Sunday. There’s a saying that you can’t win the tournament on Thursday, but you can sure lose it. Confidence in your swing and putter is paramount to winning the game (and Jordan may be the greatest long putter that ever lived and he’s only, what, 22?). I found it most important to get off to a good start, like making par on the first three holes.

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4 Tips to Quickly Hire Seasonal Employees

By John Dickow

  December 1, 2015        Document Management, Contract Management

The holiday season is officially underway, and if you’re business still needs seasonal help, it’s not too late.

Businesses can find themselves short on personnel this time of year, with retail businesses looking for help during the holiday shopping rush, and regular employees taking time off for the holidays.

A common challenge this time of year is finding seasonal employees quickly, so they can hit the ground running. With that in mind, here are 4 tips for businesses to quickly hire seasonal employees:

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Maximizing the Value of CLM: Generating Contracts

By Karry Kleeman

  November 30, 2015        Document Management, Contract Management

If you deal with contracts on a regular basis, then like me, you dread the part where you actually need to build the contract, spending so much time typing and re-typing.

In a recent SpringCM survey, more than half of our respondents said their contracts are over 7 pages long. Should each deal require sales reps to put in the work that’s equivalent to a college term paper? No thank you.

Last week I explained in this blog that the way you store contracts can provide visibility and collaboration that will accelerate the contract process. This week, I’m explaining three ways sales reps can quickly generate contracts while focusing on the customer to expand to more deals.

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SpringCM November 2015 Release: An Interview with VP Product Development

By John Dickow

  November 11, 2015        Document Management, Workflow

Doc Launcher by SpringCM went live on Friday as part of the November 2015 release. So I sat down with the Steven Jones, Vice President of Product Development at SpringCM, to find out what it means for SpringCM customers.

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How to Drastically Improve Your Document Tagging Standards

By Huzefa Haider

  August 5, 2015        Document Management

As an implementation manager at SpringCM, I assist new customers in implementing the SpringCM solution into their company. One area that I find customers constantly need improvement in is setting up document tagging standards.

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5 Essential Reminders for Your Documents and Contracts

By Morgan Caputo

  June 2, 2015        Document Management, Contract Management

How many times have you started a sentence with “Remind me to…” in the past week? If you’re like me, it’s probably a lot. Our jobs ask us to juggle competing demands and stay on top of a growing pile of details, often while we work across desks and devices. The fact is, we have so much to remember that we’d go crazy if we didn’t get some help.

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Using cloud document management to increase your business productivity

By Mike Festa

  March 2, 2015        Document Management

Business productivity is on the decline at alarming rates! Just look at how productivity has slowed according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

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Contract and document management practices still fall short

By Mike Festa

  January 29, 2015        Document Management, Contract Management

Don’t hold me to the exact timeline, but it was about 1,100 years ago when the Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed, “nothing is constant, but change." Now in my third decade of software sales, I’ve seen lots of change.

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