SpringCM Fueling Hyper-Growth for Forbes Cloud 100

By Jeffrey Piper

  October 7, 2016        Customers, Technology

Congratulations to the Forbes Cloud 100 inaugural members!  

The list recognizes cloud companies for their financial health and growth of their business, as well as factors like customer adoption and satisfaction.

So what do these privately-held companies have in common besides being top rated in this latest Forbes ranking? Well, for starters, 25 percent of them manage their sales contract management process using SpringCM!  Standouts such as Cylance, Carbon Black, Anaplan, Acquia, Duo Security and many more are creating, negotiating and e-signing contracts using SpringCM’s contract management solution. In addition, these companies have integrated SpringCM with Salesforce.com and are seeing some amazing results: 9 percent revenue growth, 75 percent faster contracting cycles, and 25 percent increase in obligation managmeent compliance to name a few of the benefits.

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A Salesperson’s Guide To Salesforce World Tour: Atlanta

By John Dickow

  December 8, 2015        Customers, SpringCM Partners

SpringCM is on its way to Atlanta for the Salesforce World Tour! Tomorrow, the Cobb Galleria will be bustling with Salesforce executives, industry-leading customers and product experts all with one goal in mind: finding new ways to connect to customers.

We write a lot on this blog about what salespeople can do to increase sales numbers and revenue by enhancing the customer experience. Knowing salespeople have a huge stake in the customer experience, we’re helping sellers get the most out of the Salesforce World Tour tomorrow.

A seller’s attitude towards customer service is what can make or break a deal; from providing a clear, streamlined buying process, to delivering on the promise and retaining that customer for future business.

Here’s a quick guide on what salespeople MUST attend in at Salesforce World Tour:

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Your Journey With The Customer Doesn’t End at the Sale

By John West

  December 3, 2015        Customers, Sales Enablement

The digital age is changing the way salespeople interact with the customer.

When it comes to information technology, the “as a Service” (aaS) business model has opened the door to delivering products that evolve and continue to add value. That means customers don’t necessarily stop shopping after they buy, so salespeople shouldn’t engaging with the customer either.

This business model gives customers the ability to switch vendors easily and without warning, challenging salespeople to deliver the best customer experience and service possible.

Whether you’re following up for more business, or just checking in with the customer, the key is maintaining consistent communication and ensuring the customers needs are being met.

With a salesperson dealing with many customers at any given time, the thought of “constant communication” can seem overwhelming. Understanding the time limitations sales reps face, here are 4 tips to help keep you in contact with your customer:

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SpringCM and DocuSign Help Streamline Sales and Legal Operations

By John Dickow

  September 11, 2015        Customers, Workflow, SpringCM Partners, Contract Management

Pushing paper is a time consuming and expensive way to do business. Mailing, faxing and scanning documents can slow your business down and can open the door to mistakes. That’s why we love our partnership with DocuSign — it helps customers move from manual, paper processes to digital documentations.

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How NCR was saved by the cloud

By Victor Cizinauskas

  October 8, 2014        Customers

How your company handles the contracts lifecycle says a lot to your customers about their upcoming experience working with your company. Some questions your contracts process answers:

  • How well can you get me onboarded?
  • Can you make it easy for me to continue the relationship?
All of these questions can be summed up in one: Are you a good partner when it comes to the contracts process?
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SpringCM customer stories: secrets to getting stronger ROI on salesforce revealed

By Jessica VanOflen

  July 23, 2014        Customers

If you weren’t at Chicago’s Navy Pier for the recent (and spectacular) Salesforce Midwest Dreamin’, you’re in luck: We’ve got some highlights for you. 

SpringCM’s Karry Kleeman hosted a customer success panel with leading companies sharing insight into how and why they, with their enterprise teams, embedded content clouds within Salesforce to help them tackle big thorny issues – and get even stronger ROI on their Salesforce investment. 

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SpringCM Customer Story: Helping POPSUGAR with Contract Management

By Ben Kiker

  July 23, 2014        Customers, Contract Management

SpringCM has some very cool customers, and POPSUGAR is one of the coolest. The popular site features breaking news, photos, videos and event recaps on today's most popular celebrities. Looking for can’t miss celebrity pics? Check. Can’t wait to see Prince Harry’s latest dance moves from a charity event in Chile? Got it. Wondering what female mega-star beat out Oprah as the top-earning star of the year? POPSUGAR is on it!

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