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3 Critical Steps to Letting Work Flow in Your Contract Process

According to the 2017 State of Contract Management Report, the contract approval process is a bottleneck in most organizations. In fact, 64 percent of respondents said that the contract approval process was a problem in terms of causing deals to stall. The same report shared that sales, legal and executive teams topped the list of departments...

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Salespeople Shouldn't Be Allowed to Redline Contracts [Video]

Streamlining contract management is all about speeding up the contract cycle to generate revenue faster, reduce risk, and enforce compliance.  The process generally involves the vendor sending... Continue Reading

7 Tips for Saving Time on Contracts

Are you spending too much time on the administrative work related to contracts and not enough time on your core job? In all businesses, time is money — and every minute counts. Over the years,... Continue Reading

How to Manage Contract Renewals in Salesforce

In this year's State of Contract Management Report, respondents reported that contract renewals were one of the top 10 challenges they face.  If... Continue Reading

State of Contract Management 2017: 3 Takeaways

Like many facets of business in our perpetually wired world, contracts are getting more complex, more numerous and more indispensable to doing business. And as this year's State of Contract... Continue Reading

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Contract Lifecycle Management Best Practices

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) should be included in any sales leader's plan to drive crucial initiatives like increased revenue. While most companies invest in solutions supporting the... Continue Reading

3 Common Misconceptions About Contract Governance

The concept of contract governance is a fairly new topic of conversation on the back-end of the business scene. And there's a reason for that – only recently have companies started utilizing... Continue Reading

5 Best Practices for Redlining Contracts

The negotiating phase of a contract is often considered the most important. In a process known as redlining, both parties mark the contract to show additions, deletions, approvals, rejections or... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Make Your Contract Management Tools More Successful

A good contract management solution can be a game-changer for your business, and you should see the positive impact soon after you implement it. But if you've got a contract management solution in... Continue Reading

How to Negotiate Key Issues in SaaS Contracts

This article supplements my post, “11 Key Benefits and Risks of SaaS Contracts.” This time, I’ll address some ways SaaS (“software as a service,” cloud-based) software application providers and... Continue Reading