The Complete List of May 2018 Product Updates

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We are all about continuing to innovate and keeping you equipped with the most useful, usable, and delightful document and contract management tools available.

With that in mind, here are the highlights of our latest product release for you to explore!

The New Global Actions Menu

We’re introducing the new Actions Menu, which makes it easier to start your most frequent day-to-day tasks in SpringCM. Now when you want to kickoff or launch a commonly-enacted workflow, request or create a document, access a form or open a custom URL, you'll be able to do it anywhere in SpringCM with the Actions Menu in the global navigation. You can customize the Actions in the menu so that you can quickly reach and complete the tasks that are most important to your business process.

SpringCM Actions Menu

And we have implemented a few other navigation improvements as well:

For both users and admins, the Address Book and Forms pages will no longer appear in the SpringCM global navigation (don't worry SpringCM administrators, the options are still there in the Admin menu if you need them).

The global navigation menu itself has now been added to the new Document Preview Beta – so you can multi-task with ease and without interruption.

These small changes, together in aggregate, will give you a more targeted user experience and let you work faster without even realizing it.

Read why user experience is such an important part of contract and document  management.

The Help Menu is More Intuitively Organized

Need help with a feature, or want to direct a question to the SpringCM Community? SpringCM's Help menu has been redesigned to get you the information you need faster – whether it's from an online resource, our global community or a support engineer.

SpringCM Help Menu

Office 365 Integration is Now in Beta

Integrating with the major tools used in our customers’ day-to-day is a major part of SpringCM's convenience and value. So it only makes sense to create a tighter and more intuitive interaction between SpringCM and Microsoft Word.

Our customers with Office 365 licenses can have their SpringCM administrator enable the beta, at which point users will be able to open Office 365 files directly from SpringCM.

We're also always adding and extending integrations between SpringCM and other cloud-based apps. For instance, we've implemented a Federated Search function with which you can search for content outside of Salesforce within a Salesforce search (this feature requires File It 5.0 to use).

There Are New Test Features for Comparing Documents

Distinguishing between different versions of documents is critical for managing contracts and documents, so it's important for SpringCM to make that experience as easy for you as possible. We're innovating new ways to do that with the new Document Preview in Beta, which allows you to more quickly compare different versions of documents.

And when you generate a "versioned document" with multiple compared documents in a single file, you can edit the document with or without redlines in SpringCM Edit.

The Address Book Looks and Works Even Better

Look and feel is just as important to us as functionality and usability, so with that in mind we've redesigned and optimized parts of the Address Book page to better meet your needs. This is part of our ongoing effort to develop our UI with you in mind.

SpringCM: Innovative, Iterative and Ever-Improving

As we hear your feedback and continue to watch and learn what you expect out of a cloud-based contract and document management solution, we're making improvements to best suit your needs on every level and at every step.

On the micro-level, we're on top of making data-driven menu tweaks to better facilitate your managing workflows as quickly and accurately as possible.

And on the macro-level, we're always building out custom offerings for our loyal customers and assessing how those tools – and what we've learned from building them – might inform global changes and improvements that everyone can enjoy.

So as you make use of the new functionality, features and streamlined user experience of SpringCM's May release, keep us in the loop about what's working best for you.

Also, get an advanced ticket to what’s coming in future releases by participating in our exciting Beta programs by joining SpringCM Labs.

Finally, don't forget to join the conversation in our brand new community Momentum. There, you can talk shop and brainstorm with fellow SpringCM users from around the world about what features are working for everybody.

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