The 9 Best Booths at Dreamforce14

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Maybe you spent last week along with us in the basement of the convention center in downtown San Francisco.

Maybe you just wish you had. Either way, here’s a quick look at the leading brands (other than SpringCM) that creatively made the most of the moment -- and that you’ll want to spend time with next year (Sept. 15-18, FYI).

A cardinal rule: Get them to stop at your booth, then make it worth their time. Some can do that on strength of personality and group demos alone – the team of energetic guys in the white Nike golf shirts staffing were especially effective.

For everyone else, there are (yawn) mints or golf balls. But wait, before you order your next huge shipment of branded giveaways for your next event, check out what these rockstars did that set them apart as most memorable to capture the most leads. In random order:

1. Silverline

silverline_booth_at_dreamforce14Genius. A master builder created Silverline's entire desk front out of Legos. Guess closest to actual number of bricks used, and they’ll build you (or your six-year-old niece) anything you want out of Legos. Note to self for next year: The correct answer was 68,127 pieces.






2. LiveOps 

liveops_booth_at_dreamforce14Notice the fine print at bottom of sign: “Winner must be able to drive a stick shift”. Smart lead segmentation. Now draw our name and send us to the racetrack in Sonoma (seriously) for our prize, LiveOps.






3. SurveyMonkey 

surveymonkey_booth_at_dreamforce14jared_drawing_at_dreamforce14We’d love SurveyMonkey even if they didn’t integrate so perfectly with HubSpot, but we digress. They brought sketchers in from Portugal(!) to doodle in real time booth visitors and noting their favorite aspect of the week so far. Notice how they nicely captured my broad shoulders.


4. ToutApp 

toutapp_booth_at_dreamforce14Clever and interactive without needing WiFi. Complete the sentence “The First Thing I Ever Sold Was….” While at the ToutApp booth, you likely heard lots of stories and laughs being shared. Emotional connection at work. Sure beats a keychain wrapped in plastic.






5. Gainsight 

gainsight_booth_at_dreamforce14First, Gainsight gets bonus points for breaking through the glass ceiling of foam action heroes. Next, did we mention the foam action heroes? An easy way to prompt passers-by to pause long enough to find out more about the business.



6. DocuSign 

docusign_booth_at_dreamforce14When we heard that DocuSign was going to be making and giving away fresh juice all day, every day, we thought 1) Where do they store five tons of oranges? and then 2) Let’s go get one! Turns out it arrived in bottles from Pressed Juicery (maybe you’ve been to their shops in Malibu or West Hollywood?), which means lot less bits of kale flying about than if they’d hauled in a Vitamix.




7. Tact 

tact_booth_at_dreamforce14Drones were a thing at the show this year, especially as an incentive to sign up for a trial or as a raffle prize or to deliver a soda. Apparently we're not the only ones who heard Andy Borowitz say, “There’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ drone”. Tact went classy with this number. If they didn’t draw your name, you can grab one on Amazon for about $1,200.


8. Dun & Bradstreet 

dandb_booth_at_dreamforce14Setting aside any pesky copyright issues, what’s not to love about some Tabasco sauce? Especially when no one else thought to offer it. And look at us talking about it now. Kudos, D&B.



9. Salesforce’s deskcom_booth_at_dreamforce14Forbes describes -- customer service for small businesses -- as “the beefed up reincarnation of Assistly” that Salesforce bought in 2011. We describe it as having arguably the best tricked-out booth of lifestyle vignettes in Moscone North. Oh, and a blowfish mascot.



Your Turn 

Which ones did we miss? Which booth treated you to the best experience? Anything influence your buying decision? Did you snare some swag that you’re still talking about? Clue us in by commenting below.

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