SpringCM Fueling Hyper-Growth for Forbes Cloud 100

By Jeffrey Piper

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Cloud-100.jpgCongratulations to the Forbes Cloud 100 inaugural members!  

The list recognizes cloud companies for their financial health and growth of their business, as well as factors like customer adoption and satisfaction.

So what do these privately-held companies have in common besides being top rated in this latest Forbes ranking? Well, for starters, 25 percent of them manage their sales contract management process using SpringCM!  Standouts such as Cylance, Carbon Black, Anaplan, Acquia, Duo Security and many more are creating, negotiating and e-signing contracts using SpringCM’s contract management solution. In addition, these companies have integrated SpringCM with Salesforce.com and are seeing some amazing results: 9 percent revenue growth, 75 percent faster contracting cycles, and 25 percent increase in obligation managmeent compliance to name a few of the benefits.

The Forbes Cloud 100 list represent the most innovative, high-growth, privately-held companies who are at the forefront of digital transformation. With systems in place that accelerate the pace of business by connecting sales teams with corporate legal, finance and the C-suite, contracts get signed and managed expeditiously and with low effort so these companies can focus on delivering products and services to their customers.  

Transforming how they work has enabled these Cloud leaders to transform how their customer’s work. At the core of their transformation is the drive to gain competitive advantage through enhanced customer experiences. Modernizing and integrating systems from end-to-end across business process, and embracing a mobile-first strategy are central to this transformation.

We here at SpringCM are proud of our customers who made the list, and honored to play a role in their own digital transformation so they can best serve their customers.

You can read more about the Forbes Cloud 100 list here.

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