SpringCM Brings Contract Innovation to #DF16

By Kristi Cox


IMG_3058.jpgAs we continue to recover from last week, we’re taking a look back on what was SpringCM’s largest presence at Dreamforce ever. As a Platinum ISV Partner, we look to Dreamforce as the time of year where we can present our biggest accomplishments from the year to a huge audience, and this year was no exception with our recent ranking as a G2Crowd High-Performer, as well as the release of G|1 Docs, our one solution for Salesforce users to generate, manage, and automate documents.

Product Innovations on the Forefront

Our mission at SpringCM is to accelerate productivity and revenue for businesses. Contracts are the foundation for any deal and the vehicle for revenue, so the last thing any business wants to encounter is a contract traffic jam. The SpringCM platform provides end-to-end visibility into the contract process and helps sales and legal teams avoid potential roadblocks along the way. We keep the process moving by enabling teams to work the way they prefer, whether it’s inside or outside of Salesforce or within Microsoft Word.

And our platform doesn’t only handle contracts. We apply the same ideas when working with all content. The new G|1 Docs is one tool within Salesforce that can generate documents, manage them and automate the workflows that move them. This eliminates the need for Salesforce users to require multiple applications in order to process documents, while providing complete visibility into the process, even the ability to access documents from your smartphone. Our VP  in Strategic Development, Steven Jones, explains more about this and our commitment to the Salesforce community in this video (also below). He even drops some hints about what you might see from SpringCM at Dreamforce 2017. 

An Interactive Experience at our Booth

Our booth, completely decked out in orange and a massive video wall, drew big crowds for our hourly live demos. This year, we wanted to go further than simply showing our platform to attendees, so we gave them a chance to interact with the product first hand.

All week we hosted our Race to Revenue contest, where people could generate, review, approve and sign a contract - all within SpringCM from a tablet. The contest took less than 5 minutes to complete and gave attendees a real-life picture of our capabilities. The winner, who completed their contract in less than two minutes, won a trip to New Orleans!  

The SpringCM Platform Front and Center

Our product certainly turned some heads this year as we participated in 8 breakout sessions. SpringCM was selected as one of six sales apps to participate in the first-ever Dreamforce Demo Jam, where we rapped about contracts and demo-ed our ability to generate, review, and sign a contract in just 4 clicks.

Most importantly, we were honored to be selected by Salesforce to present a private demo of SpringCM Lightning capabilities to a Salesforce Executive Vice President. We were ecstatic when the EVP told us we were the best demo he had seen so far!

The #1 Question from Booth Visitors

By far, the biggest question that attendees asked us was “what makes your platform stand out among the rest?”

Our answer: SpringCM provides a nimble solution tailored to your specific business needs. While SpringCM is a Salesforce Platinum Partner and integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, it’s not built on Force.com. You can leverage our features straight from SFDC, or use SpringCM as a standalone platform. That means we also don’t have to wait for Salesforce to release its features. Instead, we’re releasing up to 13 new product upgrades each year. Plus, we have our own network, servers and software that allows us to configure our platform to any customer need. But don’t take our word for it, check out our rankings on G2Crowd.

It doesn’t end there either. As mentioned in our Dreamforce session, “Accelerate Your Channel Strategy,” SpringCM is part of a suite of best-in-class solutions, called Project Unite, that work together to accelerate lead-to-cash. These applications work in tandem, under Salesforce, to provide one solution to handle the lead-to-cash process, including connecting with prospects, creating and sending preliminary documents, producing a quote, processing a contract, getting the deal signed and receiving payment.

Stay tuned to this blog for more new developments from SpringCM, including new product enhancements coming later this month!


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