Customer Highlight: Rise Interactive’s Journey to a Streamlined Contract Management Process

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Many organizations use shared documents to collaborate. But any process can break down when there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

How about when there are 12 people working in the same document? Or 20? 

Rise Interactive, a Chicago-based, Digital Marketing Agency and Interactive Investment Management firm, faced this problem. Rise specializes in digital media and analytics for Fortune 1000 companies, working as a strategic partner with its clients to help make smarter investments. In 2016, after hiring their first in-house counsel, Rise quickly realized it had outgrown its document process.

What do you get when you have 20 people working in one document?

In a word, trouble.

Before establishing a legal department, Rise Interactive’s sales teams were the ones writing SOWs. The process had become time-consuming and open-ended. It lacked version control, as well as visibility into who was authoring or editing an agreement.

Julie Honor, Rise’s Vice President, Counsel, could see there was a problem right away. Rise needed a document management platform that could bring oversight and order to the chaos of multiple users working in shared documents. They wanted a solution that could support collaboration while tracking changes and providing an efficient and modern way for everyone to stay organized.

Julie tells Rise's story best:

With SpringCM, Rise Interactive was able to establish a streamlined and automated process with a clear beginning and end for each contract. By shortening and cleaning up their contract process, Rise Interactive is accelerating revenue and serving clients faster. Powerful workflow functions and notifications help keep everyone on task. And version control tracks every change to a document, putting an end to accidentally overwriting someone else’s work.

Legal now has total visibility into the contract process, which helps expose and resolve any bottlenecks that might occur. They save time with SpringCM by creating contract templates with approved language and optional clauses that the Sales and Client Services teams can use to write SOWs. This allows those teams to work more independently, without requesting reviews for minor changes, while Legal maintains control over the verbiage in every agreement.

After a few months, Rise Interactive started thinking about what else they could do with SpringCM. They set a goal of implementing SpringCM to manage documents across their organization — from HR and Accounting to project planning and RFP responses.

According to Julie, SpringCM was the easiest and most robust solution Rise considered. Rise also found value in the culture and team at SpringCM. “All solutions are going to have some basic workflow, storage and visibility,” said Honor. “The way in which it’s delivered is what’s important to us, and the competition couldn’t live up to SpringCM.”

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2017. It has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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