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How is SpringCM Preparing for GDPR? [Video]

While SpringCM has been focused on making sure our customers have the tools they need to comply the GDPR, we're also responsible for ensuring our own compliance. I recently sat down with SpringCM's Senior Security and Compliance Manager, Mike Miller, to talk about a couple of the ways we prepared ourselves for the regulation. 

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Study Shows that Law Firms Aren't Prepared for GDPR

According to a tweet by security blogger Graham Cluley, only a quarter of law firms in the UK report being ready for GDPR. And that doesn't mean that they're not ready to advise other businesses... Continue Reading

8 GDPR Resources That Will Help You Prepare for May 25, 2018

Being as informed as possible about the GDPR is critical to assembling a strategy to address the regulation. Understanding the regulatory expectations and how they might apply to your business can... Continue Reading

How NCR Accelerated their Contract Process by 75%

NCR Corporation, the biggest global name in consumer transaction technologies, does business in 160 different countries and— each year— brings on up to 60 new partners. The sheer volume of... Continue Reading

The Complete List of March 2018 Product Updates

At SpringCM, we’re committed to providing a great User Experience for our customers. And the research backs it up—in a recent Forrester study, almost half of the respondents cited user experience... Continue Reading

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How One SpringCM Partner is Helping Customers Prepare for GDPR

Here at SpringCM, we work hard to build strategic partnerships with best-in-class software and service companies that work with us to bring even more value to our customers. Morae Global is one of... Continue Reading

GDPR Requirements: 3 Things You Need to Know About New Regulations

There's a reason that there are so many blogs and resources circulating around as people try to make sense of the EU GDPR requirements – it's a substantive regulation with many demands and nuances. Continue Reading

Understanding the Impact of GDPR

GDPR was implemented by the EU to protect the personal data of EU citizens from data breaches and other forms of misuse, and to hold enterprises that control or process that data accountable for... Continue Reading

How Iron Mountain Securely Scaled Its Contract Process

All sorts of enterprises need records stored, and for well over half a century, secure storage has been the raison d'être of Iron Mountain. The company has, in that timespan, developed a gigantic... Continue Reading

How OmniTRAX is Enhancing the Customer Experience with SpringCM

More companies than you might imagine rely on rail. Whether it's e-commerce packages traveling cross-country to get sorted and positioned for last-mile local delivery, or commodities traveling... Continue Reading