The Complete List of March 2018 Product Updates

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At SpringCM, we’re committed to providing a great User Experience for our customers.

And the research backs it up—in a recent Forrester study, almost half of the respondents cited user experience as one of the most important features as they consider adopting new contract management technology.

FY19 | Q1 | March Updates |  500 x 378Our March Release is more focused than ever on making managing and working with documents an easy and productive process.

If you’re not a SpringCM customer yet, these features should give you a feel for the level of thought, data and dedication we put into the user experience – and what you can expect when you're setting down the path to an organized, efficient document and contract management process.

A New, Enhanced Navigation Experience

At the heart of an effective user experience is the navigation bar. A navigation layout that lets users find exactly what they need, intuitively and without any digging or excessive clutter leads to less distraction, less frustration and more productivity.


We've been collecting the usage data and crunching the numbers to better understand just how our users navigate through the product. And so as we streamline our users' contracting process, we're streamlining the usability of SpringCM as well by:

  • Making the Address Book and Forms segments appear only for Administrators by default, since we determined this was the type of users that found the most value in those tools.
  • Introducing a Utility menu that allows you to easily access a user's information such as their account name and ID.
  • Giving the search bar a static position next to the Utility menu, so you'll always know where to go to search the content you need to access.

And to make sure that everyone is on the same page with how the new layout works and where to find everything, a quick walkthrough will launch on your first login after the rollout to get you up to speed if you need it.

A New Administrative Tool

Customization is critical to the SpringCM experience, so we've moved the ability to customize the navigation by account and even personas into an administrative tool. Now administrators will be able to easily toggle which links appear for a given account, to create a customized – but uniform – user experience.

Workflow Enhancements for You to Test

Along with a new look for the navigation bar, we've got a new look and feel for the workflow designer for you to try out, which includes changes we think should be helpful to the overall user experience.

There's also a report for viewing the details of individual workflows during a given timespan and a workflow aggregate report. All three of these features are in Open Beta.

Other Upgrades

In our March Release we’ve also introduced:

  • Integration for identity management solution OneLogin, increasing the ease with which users of the product can onboard users (so if this applies to you, check us out in the OneLogin App Catalog).
  • An increased number of characters you can enter in the Doc Launcher when using that feature.
  • Changes in attributes that will make integration more convenient for web developers.

Springtime is SpringCM time!

Spring is a time for cleaning out clutter, getting organized and making positive changes – and streamlining your document and contract management processes with SpringCM can help you do just that. If you're already a user, make March the month to test and tweak those processes and take part in our betas to make sure you're getting the most out of the experience.

And if you're not on board yet, we're happy to discuss how SpringCM can untangle any bulky, manual contracting process you've been working with and streamline it -- making contract and document management a breeze.

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