Is CRM the right place for your legal team to store their contracts?

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You hired your legal team because they’re experts in law, not sales.

While it makes sense that they'd do some independent learning and become familiar with your sales process, you shouldn't have to buy CRM user licenses for your lawyers, let alone have them do the majority of their contract work within it.

CRM Contract Management?  CRM isn't the solution for everyone

contract_management_and_lawyersWhile CRM's are built to be the place where your sales teams live and thrive, they are not the ideal application for all your employees.  When it comes to moving your deals through the sales process, don’t let your CRM application stop you at the most critical part of that process, the contract signing phase. Your legal team and your sales team should both be able to work simultaneously and in unison within platforms that are the most efficient for them to close deals quick.  If your team members are hitting speed bumps at the most critical phase of the sales process, the contract phase, then you've what you hoped to gain using CRM in the first place, maximumum deal velocity. 

Empower your lawyers with full visibility into every aspect of the contract process, or at the very least keep them in the loop with a cloud system for file organization. 

Your sales and legal teams both need visibility into your deal contracts

Without a specific system to store your contracts, files are saved over, lost, or sent via email, cluttering inboxes and making it difficult to track the most recent versions. Your lawyers work hard to keep you and your contracts out of trouble. But, if your legal team doesn’t have a license to your CRM program, your sales team will not have seamless access to their contracts during this phase, when further negotiations typically happen.

This whole problem begs the question whether or not CRM is the right place to store your contracts. It's certainly one method but it's an unbalanced one. Consider the make-up of your sales and legal teams, and what the current process looks like. If you see more bottlenecks than breakthroughs you can determine that CRM is not where you should be managing your contracts. 

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